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Adak, Alaska (PressExposure) December 31, 2009 -- Social media has four important concepts; Collaboration, Communication, Entertainment and Education. A better understanding of Social Media is possible only when all these four concepts are understood thoroughly. So, each of these concepts has to be studied independently and the studies have to be integrated. Such a study gives an overall understanding of this great concept.

Messrs. Information Marketing Business Limited has made an innovative attempt to make the study of social media more interesting. They have evolved a unique scheme where five different websites have been created. Each of the website deals with one aspect of social media. The fifth website is the integration of these four concepts. Each of these websites has been designed very carefully with an intention to bring out the salient features of these four concepts. The websites designed are briefly mentioned here:

European Internet Academy:

This website concentrates on educating the entrepreneur in matters relating to strategies to be adopted in business, principles of business and other pertinent areas. This education is of great importance and relevant to all types of businesses because without the right strategy, the right decision can never emerge.

Online secrets:

Mere understanding of business principles is not sufficient. The strategy to be adopted in online marketing is totally different when compared to direct sales. This concept is explained in great detail in this website.

Happy media king:

This is a website which emphasizes on the Social Media concept. The strategy in social media, how the social media principle came into being, the approaches of an entrepreneur under social media conditions, and the tactics to be adopted are all explained in great detail.

Personal empowerment solutions:

This is a website that actually tries to educate the entrepreneur. Ultimately, the success of the enterprise depends on the entrepreneur. So, this website explains how the mindset should be, and the approaches that can be adopted for various issues are explained in detail in this website. In short, this web site tries to make the entrepreneur to understand himself.

Selva's Blog:

This emphasizes on the need for proper communication, and education. In fact, communication is the core of all business. Another salient feature of this site is that it emphasizes the need for entertainment. Without entertainment, the entire business establishment would become a place of boredom. At the same time, in the guise of entertainment, the business should not suffer.

The Entrepreneur's forum:

This is a point of integration of all the four different websites. This integration explains in no uncertain terms the importance of the four different principles of social media. At the same time, it also tries to give an overall view of social media, and how these different concepts are interrelated.

Perhaps this is first time that such an attempt is being made to understand each of the concepts of social media. There is enough provision for navigating from one web site to the other. This navigation principle is much more beneficial because - during the study of any one principle, the relevance of that principle to other concepts of social media could be understood. Each of these websites is rich in articles that are most informative, and contain video clippings. No stone is left unturned to make the website interesting and it is worth the time and resources spent on it.

All these five websites can be viewed in

Mr. Selva Sugunendran, who is an Electronic Engineer in UK, is the inventor of this concept. A person committed to quality, he is a Social Media Evangelist. He earned rich experience during his stints with business giants such as Recall, GEC and many other renowned organizations. Later he formed his own company, called Integrated Systems Software. His clients included famous names such as Rolls Royce and Lloyds of London. The rich experience that he gained through his ventures have provided him with enough impetus to analyze the concepts of Social Media and make it more lucid for a common man, by making it easy to understand its great principles.

Mr.Selva Sugunendran has a philanthropic commitment to give something back to society; 30% of the revenue from the websites is to be donated to worthy causes: he is determined to give 10% of the profits that he would earn from the five sites towards efforts to prevent child abuse. The next 10% will go for the welfare of seniors, so that they can live peacefully and with dignity. The next 10% will be used for those who are unemployed so that they can start social media-based online business so that these unemployed people could stand on their own legs.

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