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Portsmouth, NH (PressExposure) October 18, 2011 -- The time span for spreading information has become nearly instantaneous with the use of the Internet and online social networks. With the increased use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging, users are constantly updated on their friend's thoughts and opinions. These postings are not just about whose doing what anymore; users have learned to use the social networks as a way to share information, ideas, and preferences.

For example, if your looking through your latest Twitter feed, and you noticed that one of your close friends recently tweeted about a horrible experience they had at a local restaurant, chances are you probably won't go to the restaurant after reading that tweet. What's the reason for this? You trust your friend's opinion and you value the information you get on these sites, so you're very receptive to it. That's what makes social network sites so dangerous, and also so rewarding.

Now the hard part, how can businesses take this chatter about their businesses and turn it into something constructive? That's where Jungle Torch, an advanced SEO and social media tool, comes in. Jungle Torch has developed an advanced social network analysis tool that can help companies find, interpret, and use this chatter to benefit their business.

Jungle Torch's social network analysis tool operates through an easy to use dashboard that gives companies a complete analysis of their presence on social networks such as Twitter, blogs, Facebook, and news sites. The social network analysis allows Jungle Torch to aggregate all of the postings relevant to your site and put them in one place.

Users are encouraged to add in specific key words, phrases, or company names they are interested in tracking. With this information the social network analysis tool will sort through all the social media sights and return results to your account. The social network analysis also runs a sentiment analysis on the returned results, which uses complex language algorithms to separate postings into positive, negative, and neutral news.

Now the big question, why does this all matter? Like we stated before, the information users get from social media sights is valuable to them. They trust the source and will most likely listen. If the chatter they find about your company is bad, it could cause huge consequences for your company, if the chatter is good it can create positive results for your company. Our social network analysis makes sure you can track this chatter, and try to prevent these negative results before they happen. Our social network analysis tool allows companies to react quicker and more effective then ever before to issues relating to their companies.

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The Jungle Torch is an advanced SEO report and Social media tool that gives unprecedented insight into a company's SEO and Social media and Inbound Marketing. Purpose-built by some of the pioneers of online search engine technology, JungleTorch consolidates diverse online marketing analytics into a powerful SEO report platform. Using a best-in-class sentiment engine, JungleTorch provides an easy-to-understandsingle view into Twitter, Facebook, weblogs and news sources with targeted identification of postings relevant to the user's organization, as well as a complete sentiment analysis that determines whether online comments are trending positively, negatively or neutral. In addition to tracking social media, Jungle Torch also gives users the ability to measure the success of SEO report programs by offering an SEO report that includes the rank of a user's Website based on hundreds of keywords and phrases, Jungle Torch issues a comprehensive SEO report on the SEO friendliness of a Website, inbound and outbound linking, and 15 other critical SEO metrics. It also measures competitive SEO, inbound and outbound linking. Jungle Torch is based in Portsmouth, N.H. For more information, please visit

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