Social Nutrition Networking Begins At Home for Purpose-Driven Health

Newport Beach, CA (PressExposure) February 24, 2009 -- You may be surprised to learn what your family believes is important. At Purpose-Driven Wealth we believe that families are shifting their nutrition and health purchases and eating style due to uncertainty in the economy, whether it is lack in stability in the marketplace or the fear of losing a job or being down-sized.

Today, consumers feel that their life is filled with stress so it is should be no surprise that American families are more interested in experiences, such as coming together at the family table or creating a meal. We believe that families are looking for economical meals that provide comfort or nostalgia.

Return To The Table

The family that plays together, stays healthier together. There is no reason to send e-mail and text messages, when you can communicate as a group at home. "Any time spent playing as a family, such as creating a nutritious meal, can create quality time. After all, many of us fondly remember baking with our mothers and grandmothers or grilling with our fathers".

But there is a nutrition twist to home cooking. We believe that families are also searching for natural and pure food and eating experiences to follow their healthy eating ideals. One solution is to encourage families to become their own "social nutrition network" by creating and sharing a meal, everyday, not just at holidays. An added benefit to cooking at home can help the family stay within their budget, both financially and calorically.

We believe that the new "social networking" will be returning to the family table where you can share stories, experiences and grow closer together. Eating in this holistic, mindful style by engaging in high quality experiences may also help to slow down the pace of eating to help to alleviate the nation's burden of obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes, by focusing on healthy eating ideas and genuine good nutrition practices. The end result could be better health, staying in your budget, and stronger family.


Purpose-Driven Wealth is more than just having the money to live comfortably. It is about making a difference in the world, contributing to the community, doing tasks that you love, feeling important, making friends, gaining success, sharing an important mission in life, and achieving your dreams. Successful Purpose-Driven Wealth is reflected in a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Purpose-Driven Wealth provides wealth solutions to lose weight ([]), invest money, save money ([]) and have a wealthy life filled with good health. If you would like to increase your rate of wealth in the next year, we believe that we can help. Are you tired of working just to pay the bills? Do you want more in life than working just to get by Learn what the wealthy have always known with our wealth solutions from those same people who have learned the lessons of the wealthy and are financially literate.

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