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San Diego, CA (PressExposure) October 09, 2008 -- Corporate Social Responsibility gains momentum with the help of Will Marre, acclaimed speaker and CSR advocate. Marre, CEO of Realeadership Alliance, today announced the launch of his new multi-media CSR resource and daily blog site, Upon reviewing the site, Neville Billamoria, Vice President of Marketing for a regional credit union, stated, "This is exactly what people need, who have a persistent longing to make a difference right where they are, right now."

To cite a recent example of how Corporate Social Responsibility can work in the real world, Marre (with co-founder Dr. Paul Cox) created a strategic relationship with a large international skin-care company, which agreed to use botanical ingredients found in tropical island plants in a popular line of products. In return, the company pays a 25-cents-per bottle royalty which helps fund Seacology projects. (Seacology [ ], co-founded by Marre, is an innovative non-profit dedicated to saving the rain forests and coral reefs of tropical islands, while preserving indigenous cultures.)

"Every individual, from CEO to stay-at-home mother, can make a difference to save the world if they examine their unique gifts, talents and experience to make the biggest impact", says Will Marre. "Imagine a future where all of us are making our best contribution to create our Greatest Total Value. That's the world of Sustainable Abundance. And it's within our reach."

Marre's latest book, to be published by Capital Books in early 2009, is titled "Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner". In this new book, he urges businesses and individuals alike to take responsibility and ask: What can I do to transform my job, my business, and my life to help create a sustainable future for all?

Marre's mission for his new website is "to drive world-wide sustainable abundance by inspiring leaders with mind-blowing business ideas they act on." His decades of experience have given him a powerful ability to translate what he calls the Triple Bottom Line [ [] ] - people, planet, and profit - into a unique value advantage. "When you combine people, planet and profit, the new sources of value and points of differentiation you uncover yield top-line growth, fiercely loyal customers, and committed internal and external talent", says Marre.

Visitors to the ThoughtRocket web site [ ] are greeted by a short video, entitled: "Sustainable Abundance: the Greatest economic and leadership opportunity in the history of the world." Marre truly feels that we should not view this movement as Corporate Social Responsibility, but rather Corporate Social Opportunity.

About Will Marre Will Marre co-founded the Covey Leadership Center, and as President was instrumental in bringing the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" to millions. Marre has also been a personal leadership coach and advisor to CEOs of multi-billion dollar global companies. For the past 10 years, he has focused on making Corporate Social Responsibility strategic. He has helped publicly traded companies forge working alliances with non-profits, and helped non-profits find corporate partners. Will received an Emmy award for writing a learning documentary, "Reclaiming Your American Dream", which continues to air on public television stations across the country.

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Will Marre co-founded the Covey Leadership Center, and as President was instrumental in bringing the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" to millions.

Will Marre
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