Soldiers Bible Ministry To Print Special 2010 Allied Forces Pocket Bible - Highlights 350+ Year Old Soldiers Pocket Edition

Rochester, NY (PressExposure) December 15, 2009 -- Soldiers Bible Ministry (SBM), a division of 501c3 Heart of God International Ministries, Inc. announced today its plans for a special Heritage Edition Soldiers Pocket Bible.

"Our goal is to provide complete pocket Bibles for any allied Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and/or Air Force personnel around the world, especially those in harm's way," said John Hoben, Volunteer Executive Director of SBM. "We provide Bibles to those who request them in their native language, along with Bible study materials from solid sources that resonate well with military personnel" Hoben added.

Plans for this edition include a camouflage cover titled, "THE WORD." Also included are the official Preambles for all 50 States in the USA, highlighting the use of "Almighty God" or similar title of the God of the Bible in each preamble. This new publication will also include the facsimile reprints of the original Soldiers Pocket Bible which will be presented either in the front material or in pamphlet form to be inserted into each copy, reminding the reader of the precious heritage of the Word of God in the military throughout our nation's history.

Special thanks to the Dunham Bible Museum at Houston Baptist University, Houston Texas, for making available facsimile pages from earlier Soldier Pocket Bible versions. These versions include (1) the USA Civil War Edition facsimile reprint of the 1643 English Revolution under Cromwell which used scriptures pulled from the Geneva Bible (aka the Breeches Bible), and (2) the Spanish American War version facsimile reprint which contains the exact same verses for troops as the Oliver Cromwell edition of 1643 issued to his troops during the English Civil War, but was published using the KJV.

Initial release will include a 1611 King James Version and/or the Geneva 1599 version. A "modern" English translation such as the International Standard Version (ISV) is also being considered for subsequent release. "More commentaries have been written on the KJV and Geneva Bibles than nearly any other English translation; the first Soldiers Pocket Bibles produced in the common (as opposed to King's) English used them both. The historical significance of this cannot be understated," noted Jan Ross, President, Heart of God International Ministries, Inc. "That's why we're sticking to those earlier versions so soldiers will have a depth and breadth of additional study materials from which to review," said Ross.

One special feature of the SBM Pocket Bible will be a special parchment, off-stock page designed to catch the thumb of the reader which will contain a call for true repentance inserted in line with Isaiah 53:6. This core teaching from the Jewish Tanakh (the Old Testament) contains the central message of the entire Bible -- He bore the iniquities of us all.

Additionally, quotes about the Word and historical Christians from an array of people like Sir Isaac Newton, George Washington, Napoleon, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and other notable leaders will be interspersed throughout the Bible with corresponding, pertinent verses as well as back material. A special directory for spiritual support services specializing in complementing standard care for PTSD will also be included inside the back of each Bible to provide soldiers who may be struggling with links to the care and assistance they require.

SBM plans to release the new 2010 Soldiers Bible sometime in the late spring/early summer. This special Heritage Edition will be sized so as to easily fit in a soldier's pocket to keep with them while on patrols and performing other field work.

As always, Bibles and study materials will be made available free of charge to any who request them. Copies of the 2010 Soldiers Bible will also be obtainable at a discounted rate by interested churches, ministries and groups.

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