Soundscape Artist ROB ASTOR Releases Brand New, Full-Length Melodic Rock Album, 2014.

Jackson, MI (PressExposure) February 12, 2014 -- The time between October 2013 and February 2014 has been productive for electronic soundscape artist Rob Astor. The momentum began with the release of the first single "Bellatrix" from his brand new CD, 2014, and carried over to a Christmas single and EP release -- "Snow Flake Jazz", CHRISTMAS MIRACLES -- and a greatest hits package -- SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES. Rob Astor entered his best of collection in the Independent Music Awards instrumental album category and receives regular radio exposure through Jango via Radio AirPlay. In December 2013, the second single from 2014 -- "Equinox" -- was released. With February 2014 here, Rob Astor's 2014 has dropped, as well as two additional singles -- "Xack Galaxy" and "Seduction Of The Minotaur". "K-Minor" and "Kullat Nunu" will be released in March and April respectively.

2014 features 15 all new tracks, including six single releases. Every single piece of music on Rob's new album paints a musical landscape with a signature sound. Not a single track offered on this package is filler. It's all vital. In fact, 2014 is Rob Astor's most solid release to date.

So, what's the story behind the title 2014? "2014 is reflective of where I'm at," Rob Astor says. "I feel energized. On fire. Ready to create in the here and now. 2014 is all about the present. I recorded a lot of music for several projects since 2008, however, I wasn't able to get the music released. It's been waiting for the right time. Well, something told me now is the right time to launch a new project. I went through all the music I was working on and picked out the very best tracks in order to put 2014 together. I went with the new title -- 2014 -- because I didn't want to go backward and feel constrained by past expectations. I wanted to go forward. I need to go forward. This need changed everything and even brought on a new graphic look. I let inspiration point the way and carry me forward."

The sound, look, and feel of Rob Astor's new disc, 2014, hints he's made all the right choices! The sound of 2014 -- the music really is on fire. Heavily centered on melodic guitar rock, galloping rhythms, and pounding percussion, there's a fusion of Daft Punk meets Kraftwerk meets Tangerine Dream. Even the mellow tracks flow with vibrant energy. As for the look of 2014, Rob Astor designed the album's cover and graphics for each of the six singles. The fiery theme goes hand-in-hand with the music itself. "I feel very much alive as an artist and creator of art," Rob says.

Exploring 2014 opens up a whole new side of Rob Astor's soundscape design. Strong and steady, the track "Bellatrix" introduces 2014 and gives the first glimpse of edgier things to come. Wild and spirited, "Equinox" follows, building up the tempo where the former track leaves off.

"Xack Galaxy" comes third in the set with glittering keyboard sounds over a low bass until juggernaut guitars kick in. Bouncing and energetic, "K-Minor" melds neo-classical and rock guitar, soaring both high and low.

Musically, "Music Box" sounds as if the listener is stepping right into a music box; a place where a beautiful princess awaits her prince. Referring to the cord binding the fish of Pisces together, "Kullat Nunu" is dream-like, blending piano and flute over electric guitar and strings.

Drawing inspiration from the Stevie Nicks penned "Beauty & The Beast", "Seduction Of The Minotaur" builds up to a beautiful crescendo of heart breaking beauty. On a collaborative effort with musician Animus Invidious, "Islands In The Sky" visits musical textures of the Middle East while keeping the core edge intact and true to Rob Astor's soundscape form on 2014.

Tense, "Singularity" spins around the event horizon of a black hole, taking on the sounds of several instruments along its journey. "Parallax" chugs in a steady gear, sometimes low and grinding, sometimes high and chiming.

In tune with some of the tracks played in a lower key on 2014, "Orion Quinn" seems to take off where "Xack Galaxy" stopped, pulsing and pushing stubbornly ahead, flattening anything in its path with no-nonsense authority. "(Keep On) Running" takes a third look at that kind of musical theme, jogging, then all at once, sprinting off to destinations unknown.

Playful in style and execution, "Rough & Tumble Boytaur Play" explores unique melodies placed over territory familiar to the framework of 2014. Not to take itself anymore seriously than the previous track, "T-Rex Chessmaster (Chomp & Stomp)" has a semi-tense feel to music flowing through sound clips that seem to make a commentary on the track itself.

Closing 2014 is an acoustic version of the album's opening track, 'Bellatrix", re-imagined with non-electrical instruments and sounds. After just one listen to Rob Astor's new CD, 2014, you will find you have to listen again and again. "I will be entering 2014 in the Independent Music Awards," Rob says. "I'm very proud of this work."

If February is a bit too cold, add a little fire to your new year. Pick up a copy of Rob Astor's new album 2014 today!

Listening to the music of ROB ASTOR is like listening to Instrumental Science Fiction. Combining elements of New Age, Ambient, Classical, Electronic, Rock & Roll, Video Game Soundtrack, and New Wave, ROB ASTOR successfully melds sound into a sonic tapestry of his own design. Every track comes alive with unique vitality, steering clear of conformity and accepted rules to break ground in unexplored territory.

Available for download at iTunes,,, and numerous digital outlets.

Track List:
Xack Galaxy
Music Box
Kullat Nunu
Seduction Of The Minotaur
Islands In The Sky (w/Animus Invidious)
Orion Quinn
(Keep On) Running
Rough & Tumble Boytaur Play
T-Rex Chessmaster (Chomp & Stomp)
Bellatrix (Acoustic Version)

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