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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PressExposure) February 22, 2007 -- South Florida is bubbling with young entrepreneurs who love to live life as fast and as risky as the way they've made their money. The rest of the world is often mesmerized by the way this new breed of Generation X entrepreneurs spend their free time, and by the amount of money they spend "having fun". Yesterday, I had a chance to meet with a young man who has made his money by living fast and wreck less. Vinnie LaSorsa (24) has made a living by giving people the opportunity to live his life for a day. Unlike many other entrepreneurs his age who spend money trying to mingle with the rich and famous, the rich and famous pay Vinnie to mingle with him.

Originally from New York, Vinnie moved to South Florida to be able to live the life he dreamed of day in and day out. Vinnie moved to Ft. Lauderdale right after he graduated High School, he spent his first two or three months like any teenager could dream of, working nights and waking up every morning going to the beach and surfing all day or viewing the south Florida shoreline offshore from a boat. Into his first semester at Florida Atlantic University as a Business Major, Vinnie was taking a full load of credits, working as an Intern. at a large private security company and working as a Supervisor for a large commercial security firm at night. Vinnie soon realized the mundane tasks of life were impeding on the life he once sought. He kept this routine up for a year and half. Over Christmas break his sophomore year he realized something had to give. Against the advice of everyone who cared about him Vinnie, respectfully stopped his internship and left his job. With the lingering question of "Vin, What are you going to do now?" from friends and family members Vinnie would calmly reply "I'm going to have fun." Within a few weeks Vinnie was a part-time Dive Master at a local Scuba Diving Shop, working part-time as a Captain on a local charter sportfishing boat and spending his free time surfing. Quite a 180 from what he was up to just a few weeks earlier. ~What you need to know is by no means is Vinnie your typical beach bum. By the age of 22 he had a B.A., was a nationally certified E.M.T., a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer, a U.S. Coast Guard certified Captain, and held a dozen other licenses including, Private Investigator, Concealed Weapons, Commercial Fishing permits, SCUBA diver and had started two successful LLC's. That's more accomplishments under his belt then most men twice his age, pretty impressive.~

Around this time is when Vinnie had his vision. He says "I realized all my clients, at the Dive shop or on the boat, were complaining about the same symptoms I was suffering from while I was working at my "regular" jobs. I realized that people who were stuck in their "Office Space" lives wanted a way to get away on days off, they wanted to be able to have some "turn-key" fun, so I decided to start a business geared towards just that." At this point Vinnie had made many solid contacts and had a very impressive client list, including NASCAR racers, very high profile celebrities, and CEO's of large corporations which he brought with him when he started his business. Vinnie started a private all-inclusive Charter Business of his own, specializing in private small group adventures. His business gives people the ability to charter a private boat all to themselves with all the latest top-notch equipment and of course a guide to take you to all the best spots, and the best part is when you're done, you walk off the boat and go home. Vinnie offers Scuba Diving and spear fishing excursions, surfing excursions- he will take you to some very impressive surf breaks, and if there isn't any surf he says he will make some for you behind the boat, what Vinnie calls "Skurfing". But, what Vinnie is known for is Sportfishing, he is an incredible fisherman who loves watching people get hooked up to the fish of a lifetime.

Let's get the story straight. I will share with you the interview I had with Vinnie:

South Florida Business Journal: First of all, What gave you the motivation to go ahead with your Business idea?

Vinnie- I've been a hard worker all my life, I got my first job when I was 12, pumping gas for boats at a fuel dock NY. From there, I started a small landscaping business cutting lawns and trimming bushes in my suburb neighborhood in NY. I learned at an early age that if you do something you like you will do it better. It's easy to be good at something you love.

SFBJ- Who is the most impressive celebrity you have entertained so far?

Vinnie- I would have to say Mario Batali.

SFBJ- Wow, that's not what I would have expected coming from a guy who has taken super models fishing, and surfed in Tropical Islands with Jimmy Buffett.

Vinnie- Well, I get to hang out with Jimmy Buffett all the time (laughing). Really, they are all impressive, and some more intimidating then others. But, to me Mario Batali was one of the nicest, most down to earth, celebrities I have ever met. He was great. Treated me like gold.

SFBJ- What else do you do besides get paid to take people fishing and surfing? What do you do with your free time?

Vinnie- (Quick Laugh) I go surfing and fishing during my free time. Really though, when you do what you love it's not work. I don't come home all pissed off from a bad day at the office, I go home and say "Damn, I wish we wouldn't have pulled the hook on that sailfish" or "I can't believe I ate it on that last wave". But, when I'm not on the water I like writing fishing articles for magazines, going to the gym, and I pay a lot of attention to the Real Estate market. I like talking investments with people who know more then I do. And, I love to eat.

SFBJ- What is the most important thing in your life right now? What are your priorities?

Vinnie- First and foremost is my family, always. Then my friends, and then work. I love my family, they are great. I have two younger brothers who help me out with my business.

SFBJ- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Vinnie- In 10 years, I would like to be happily married and starting a family. I hope to be as happy as I am now. Hopefully have my hand in a few more business ventures.

SFBJ- With such a busy and active lifestyle do you get the chance to take vacation or go on dates?

Vinnie- I actually just got back from a vacation. I spent a few weeks in Hawaii with my girlfriend. It was awesome we bounced around the Islands, went on helicopter tours, did some Surfing and Hiking, we figured out which restaurants had the best food and which cocktails were the best from the beach side bar. I find time to get away, my girlfriend helps make sure of that. She's great.

SFBJ- Wow, that sounds like my kind of vacation. Except that I've never been surfing.

Vinnie- What? You need to, it's the best. Great workout, very relaxing. My girlfriend picked it up real quick. I think it's easier to teach girls how to surf. Lower centers of gravity and most girls seem to have great balance. I'll teach you. You can swim right?

SFBJ- (laughing) Yeah, I know how to swim. I might have to take you up on that.

SFBJ- What is the best advice you can give someone aspiring to start a business?

Vinnie- My best piece of advice would be to find something you can truly enjoy doing. If you don't know if you can enjoy it, you better find out. If you enjoy your job it's probably because you're good at it. I'm a firm believer in "If you love what you're doing it will love you back".

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