Special Ed Graduate Student Pens Response to Militant Atheism

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) May 30, 2013 -- The new book The Case Against Atheism by Mike Dobbins reveals the logical flaws, hypocrisy, faith, and hopelessness inherent in today's atheism. The book provides a direct challenge to those who subscribe to the faith and the best rationale for never adopting the faith to begin with. Believers and seekers alike will be grateful they aren't atheists and have strong arguments to fend them off in debate. Dobbins wrote the book in response to the thousands of young souls converting to atheism and not realizing it is but a faith in nothingness. The atheist convert, following the example of leaders such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, cruelly and aggressively attack all those who believe in God or other forms of the supernatural. Their dogmatic nature has left no room for compromise, for today's atheism believes it is the one 'true' belief. The Case Against Atheism addresses this sad evolution in atheism and goes further by highlighting how many atheists tend to leave the empty faith and become ex-atheists. Some topics addressed and quotes from the book include:

Atheist Leaders: "Their pop-atheists books catch more unsuspecting readers who mistake the authority with which they write for good arguments." P. 19

Atheist Converts: "Hearing that thousands of young people are surrendering their minds to atheism after reading a few books sounds like the epitome of not thinking for oneself." P. 21

Atheism as a Faith: "If today's atheism continues to proclaim there is no God, without any evidence to support the belief as knowledge, then that atheism is based on faith." P. 26

Atheist 'Skeptics': "Never mind that the explanation (atheists adopt) has no evidence to support it, the existence of the alternative explanation is evidence enough for the atheist." P. 46

"To the outside observer, it appears as if atheists only use skepticism as a way to rationalize away something that is difficult to fit into their worldview." P. 47

Science and Atheism: "Science is worthwhile in giving us clues about God's existence or non-existence, but to think and demand that God be proved by science is the ultimate human ego trip." P. 54

The Supernatural: " The belief in the supernatural is as universal as the human smile." P. 64

Religion: "Many project a juvenile understanding of the totality of the human religious experience and the fulfillment it gives the human condition." P. 65

"There is good reason you've never heard a person say they 'found atheism' and have now completely turned their life around. Atheism offers no hope and zero morals or ethics, religions do." P. 73

Atheists becoming Ex-atheist: "Atheists will forever have what I call the 'Shadow of God' following them around. At any moment of any day, despite their disbelief in God, they could have an experience that makes them believers....The idea of God is ever present and an experience with the divine is always a possibility." P. 99

About The Case Against Atheism

The Case Against Atheism is available in print and ebook format on http://www.Amazon.com. For further information, interview requests, or promotional copies please emailTheCaseAgainstAtheism@Gmail.com or use twitter @EndNewAtheism, the websitewww.TheCaseAgainstAtheism.com, or the growing Facebook community group 'The Case Against Atheism.'


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