SpeedyPrep Offers Unique Online CLEP Study System For College Students To Prepare For CLEP Tests

Oakland, TN (PressExposure) April 20, 2009 -- Oakland, TN--Before you try to prepare for a CLEP test on your own, check out http://www.SpeedyPrep.com to see if their online clep study system could save you time and money and help you work toward your academic goals. Whether you are a traditional college student or a professional adult seeking a college degree, you, too, could quickly and affordably prepare for your clep test using [http://www.SpeedyPrep.com!]

SpeedyPrep, LLC is a web-based company offering online study guides to prepare students for clep exams. clep exams (College Level Examination Program) are standardized exams that students can take in order to demonstrate college-level competence in a variety of lower-level college subjects and gain credits instead of having to take the actual class. clep credits are accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities, ranging from community colleges to Ivy League universities.

SpeedyPrep currently offers study courses to prepare students for thirteen different clep tests include the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature clep, American Government clep, Principles of Management clep, and United States History II clep. SpeedyPrep clep test study courses are presented in an entirely question-based format with each question designed to help students learn what they need to know in order to take and pass their clep test.

The studying interface of http://www.SpeedyPrep.com allows questions to appear in a flashcard type format. Each CLEP test study course consists of around 300 to 600 questions and is divided into categories. Students can choose to study each category separately or elect to study all the course questions at once. In addition, the software features a “shuffle” feature in which questions will appear in a random, shuffled order. Based on feedback received from customers, SpeedyPrep has recently added a new feature to the study system; now, as students study, they can view the questions they have missed during each study session and have an opportunity to study any or all of the missed questions. This valuable feature enhances and reinforces the learning process.

A 100% pass rate guarantee to all students who complete a SpeedyPrep clep study course and unique study progress tracking software make SpeedyPrep’s services unique. The tracking software monitors students’ studying and gives a visual indicator on a progress bar; as students’ answer questions correctly, the progress bar moves forward, showing a greater percentage of course completion. Focusing on learning through repetition, students must answer each question correctly multiple times in order to demonstrate learning competence and complete the SpeedyPrep clep study course. Once the student has completed the SpeedyPrep course, a course completion certificate will appear, notifying the student that he or she is ready to take the actual clep test. Even after students have completed a SpeedyPrep clep test study course, they can continue to study as much as they would like.

Many customers have reported passing clep test scores after using http://www.SpeedyPrep.com to prepare for their clep exams. One customer, Michele F. from Baldwinville, MA, described her experience using SpeedyPrep to prepare for her clep test: “I began using SpeedyPrep services 10 days before I needed to take the Introductory Psychology clep - I had not studied at all previous to this. I had some doubts about the claims on this site, but sure enough, I took the test and passed with a high score! Amazing! -That's all I can say! It really does work!” With http://www.SpeedyPrep.com being a 100% online clep test study system, students can literally study for their clep test from anywhere they have a computer and an Internet connection. This amazing system does not require expensive textbooks or lengthy downloads. With SpeedyPrep’s unique question-based clep test study system, students can prepare for a clep test in as little a few days or weeks.

CLEP tests offer a unique way for students to gain valuable college credits without having to attend the college class or pay the expensive tuition required for the class. SpeedyPrep is there to help students prepare for their clep exams so that they can achieve their academic goals and accelerate their college degree completion.

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SpeedyPrep, LLC is a web based company offering a subscription service to online clep test study courses in order to prepare college student for CLEP exams.

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