Spending On Hair Products Not Affected By Recession

Fuengirola, Espana (PressExposure) July 25, 2011 -- The country's recession has not made any difference to the way women still spend a vast amount of money on hair products.

A well groomed woman will look to her hair and makeup first and a poll of 3,000 females across the UK revealed that about 44% feel attractive if they are having a good hair day, this compares to 16% who felt pleased with their appearance if good teeth gave them that winning smile.

The amount of money women spend on going to the hairdresser and buying hair products and hair treatments every month is not declining despite all the cuts and job losses. A huge 42% of women admitted to spending £115 to £580 every month visiting the hairdresser and an additional 40% spend around £13 on hair products on top of these costs.

The other side of the coin shows that there seems to a movement in the USA called the 'no poo' movement, before this puts unsavory images in your head it simply means forsaking shampoo and conditioners for a three month period, and very surprisingly has been taken up by residents in Manhattan.

The hair products business is huge, worth billions a year, and one or two individuals have taken up the challenge to actually see if, in fact, by not shampooing their hair for some time it will give the results that have been voiced such as hair being glossy and shiny after the 'no poo' treatment.

Those who experimented in this habit found hair to be tangled, dull, matted and felt dirty, after all, conditioners are essential if your hair is long and thick, as it smoothes the hair and of course will put a gloss there too.

Most cleaning rituals were developed in the late Stone Age, as populations became denser, this was in a bid to combat disease and infestation, and this ritual of pampering has been around since 4000BC and history shows us in India between 600BC and AD 1600, hair dyes, oils, depilatories and disentangling cream, were used constantly, and where is the most luxuriant, shiny hair found; not in Paris, New York, or London but in Rajasthan, where the women have thick, straight hair that you can almost look at like a mirror, it is so reflective of light.

A spokesman for Fabriah offering professional hair products online said "hair to women is all important and we can vouch for the amount of money spent on good quality hair products, every head of hair is unique and requires different treatment, everyone wants to retain the hair they were born with even if we style, perm, colour, or use hair straighteners, it doesn't matter as long as the consumer invests in the right product in the first place. If hair is mistreated it will look shabby and even start to thin, it is said by the professionals that redheads have just 80,000 hairs on their heads, brunettes have 100,000 and blondes have 120,000, and we want to care for every single strand".

Women will continue to spend money on their hair no matter what the economic climate, to achieve the perfect image.

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