Spiritual Connection With Nature: The New Spiritual Revolution

Melbourne, Australia (PressExposure) March 03, 2012 -- According to the following website http://www.davidstyles.com/spiritual/ there are now thousands of spiritual seekers and new age alternatives that are gaining a deep and profound spiritual connection with the natural world.

Apparently indigenous people from around the world have been connecting with the spiritual dimension within nature for thousands of years, however now there is a new breed of modern people who are reviving these ancient traditions.

The way they are doing this is to again go into the forests and spend time with the nature elements and to deepen their connection with the land. The premise behind this is that when you spend time alone in nature for an extended period of time then you start to form this natural connection with nature and the land around you.

New evidence has been found that when our brain wave patterns slow down from the beta problem solving frequency to the slower alpha, delta and theta brain wave patterns that we gain a deeper spiritual dimension with our sense of place.

Apparently the reason for this is that when immersed within nature for an extended period of time then you don't need to use your rational thinking mind. This supposedly will naturally slow your brain wave patterns down and that is when you have the experience of connecting with the spiritual dimension within the land.

According to the website, indigenous people have known about this phenomenon for thousands of years. However now it is through processes such as the vision quest and nature immersion that people are able to again tap into this peaceful way of being whilst alone in nature.

The way to do this is to find a spot in nature that you feel drawn to and a connection with and then take the time to just be there. Rather than making yourself busy with an endless list of things to do, it is more about spending this time alone to just be. Apparently this is the difference between a 'human being' and a 'human doing'.

Although it is now again possible to have spiritual experiences like this in nature like indigenous cultures once had, now there is a new interest developing within the new age scene.

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