Spiritual Healing - Helping Sufferers of Depression

Sydney, Nsw Australia (PressExposure) April 26, 2011 -- Mental health is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for individuals and government alike. However, many people are turning to more spiritual methods of healing for depression and anxiety. There are ways to cure depression that don't involve medical treatment, but which open us up to the healing power of the soul and help us to change us from within.

Conventional western medicine suggests that depression is best treated with drugs. Alongside this, there is a growing understanding that hypnosis, meditation and other non-medical tools are also incredibly useful. However, Monique Williams, founder and spiritual healer at The Healing Centre, says that we can go one step further and move straight into spiritual healing for depression, anxiety and stress.

Spiritual healing changes our outlook, perceptions and pathways in life by altering our energetic makeup, and realigning us with core selves, or our soul. Monique is seeing her clients come off anti-anxiety medications after spiritual healing treatments. She says that 9 times out of 10 depression is created by a literal depression of our free will, and the subtleties of our individual personality, and that spiritual healing works to open up open the energetic space once again. There is more and more scientific evidence that understands we are energetic beings, and therefore connecting with a purer energy can heal us.

Monique's unraveling her own mental instability has led her to believe that the core understanding we need to bring to things such as depression is that the "black hole" experienced is a place of non-love. We become terrified, she says, because our soul expects to be able to share its' wisdom and insight. But when that wisdom has been blocked, life can become a very treacherous place.

There are many reasons this block to occur, she says, but parenting techniques, and difficult experiences such as sexual assault are common reasons. "When we are depressed", she says, "it's because something has taken the place of our connection to our inner-world and it's usually another person or people at the core of this problem."

Monique continues that the soul holds a very subtle reflection and wisdom for us to guide our own lives with. The common saying to 'trust your intuition' is a part of the deeper understanding that society already holds around this concept.

When our subtle soul wisdom is being blocked we are literally without our own guidance-system. We are without the capacity to sense love and peace, because these come from within us. Though, when inner wisdom is allowed to flow freely we generate openness, well being and stability. So our inner guidance system has the capacity to help us overcome the darker thought-forms that depression brings, she says.

Monique has helped thousands of people around the world to reconnect to their soul wisdom. She also currently runs distance, group healing sessions for depression, anxiety and stress each week.

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