Spiritual Path and Self-Improvement

Birmingham, Alabama (PressExposure) February 10, 2012 -- Self-improvement by walking the spiritual path does bring us positive results, but only if we follow the methods correctly. If we are determined to succeed and willing to persevere and if we know how to use our energy and intellectual resources one-pointedly, we can surely move on the path of spirituality. Read on to know more about spiritual path and self improvement.

What happens when we follow the spiritual path?

When we follow the spiritual path we get spiritually awakened. We get Self-realised. We experience immense inner happiness, which definitely is a novel experience before us. Our mind becomes calm and relaxed, and our thoughts are not as frantic as they used to be. We feel confident that what we are experiencing is for our self-improvement. It will certainly change our lives.

We become oblivious to our surroundings, however hot the day may be around us, however loud the noise may be, we hardly feel the heat or the noise. We just keep looking into our inner self. A refreshing feeling of great bliss begins to stream throughout our entire body and mind, that makes us feel amazingly light. We begin to experience a sense of vastness and transcend the limits of our mind. We become more content and happy. We feel as if our mind has stopped functioning, yet our consciousness remains active and alert. We become more vibrant and alive.

How do we follow the spiritual path for our self-improvement?

We do so by positive thinking, following truth, regularly reading spiritual books with concentration, letting go of our past conditionings, practicing self-control and other inner training techniques. Self improvement can also be achieved by doing meditation.

When we start doing meditation we instantly experience a new kind of consciousness. The veil of ignorance gets lifted momentarily. We get a fleeting glimpse of our spirit, and we experience inner silence and bliss. This lasts only for a few moments and we return to our normal state.

However momentary this experience of bliss may be, the memory remains with us making us eager to repeat it. We have yet not become totally realized. We have only begun the journey of our self-improvement. Because the habits of the mind cannot change overnight we need to persevere. As we keep meditating and following the spiritual path with faith, determination and energy, we eventually get Self-realised.

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As Gian Kumar in his book Knowthyself says peace is the innate quality of mind. To acquire it one need not go anywhere. As gold or silver are hidden under the earth, peace and joy lie hidden in the mind and soul. For more information visit: http://www.booksonspirituality.com.

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