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Atlanta, GA (PressExposure) March 15, 2011 -- Spirituality, Humanity, Enlightenment, Responsibility and Opportunity: individually they represent impressive core principles. Together they are five principles that offer an extraordinary guide to life, the SHERO life.

SHERO is an all inclusive global leadership methodology that is all inclusive of races, nations, cultures, religions, genders and ages.

* Spirituality in that we realize that there is something bigger than oneself and we are interdependent in a global pool.

* Humanity, in that giving becomes our number one priority and not getting.

* Enlightenment in that we constantly need to learn and grow realizing if we don't grow we perish. This applies to personal growth as much as it does to business growth.

* Responsibility in that we are in charge of making choices for ourselves and thus are empowered in doing so. Although we may not be able to control all the events that occur around us, we are solely responsible for how we react to the events.

* Opportunity in realizing there is no such thing as failure there is opportunity for learning and growth in every situation.

Simply put these five words are principles in which we can all hold close to us. They can be building blocks for creating a blueprint for a life that gives us meaning and inspires us to keep moving forward. If you show ownership of SHERO then you will naturally commit to them and it will become as natural to you as breathing.

What is BS? Belief Systems!

Belief Systems are usually based on the past. They come from something that was passed on from generation to generation. They are usually a sentence long and are generalizations about people and the world. They are perceptual filters in that when we believe something we walk, talk and act as if it's true. The irony is that we consider beliefs true without positive proof. They are generalization we make about the world around us. They are maps we have made in order to help us figure out where it is we need to go, have to go, must go.

Sometimes the belief is so embedded in our psyche that we don't own it anymore, the belief owns us. That is, we no longer question if the belief is true or constructive. Beliefs have the power to create or destroy. Think 9/11 and the beliefs held by the pilots flying into the building. Think Kamikaze and the beliefs held by the pilots as they smashed into navy ships. Now think Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa or Gandhi and the beliefs associated with them.

By incorporating the five shero leadership principles of spirituality, humanity, enlightenment, responsibility, and opportunity to a constructive solution to all negative beliefs not only will we improve the quality of our own lives and unlock our true potential and authentic selves but we will have a rippling effect within our immediate families community, cities, states, and countries.

On your journey through life make sure your biography has at least one great chapter that shouts SHERO!

Book Information:
From Sheep to Shero: Transforming the Face of Tribal BS
By Rebecca Moradoghli
Publisher: Tuum Est
ISBN: 978-0-9813408-0-7
Pages: 310
Published: March 2010

About The Author

For over 18 years Rebecca Moradoghli has been an executive professional and business owner. With a degree in Political Science, trained as a solution focused coach and a passion for people and cultures she is incorporating shero leadership principles to inspire and uplift across all borders.

From Armenian ancestry and having lived in Germany, Iran, England and now calling Canada home, she is attuned to multicultural and tribal belief systems, or, as she puts it, tribal BS.

Currently, the shero leadership concept is being put to work benefiting individuals, groups and communities worldwide.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at:
Rebecca Moradoghli
Email: Rebecca@iamshero.com
Website: http://www.iamshero.com

The book is available on the author's website at http://www.iamshero.com

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