Spirituality and Present Moment Awareness

Birmingham, Alabama (PressExposure) March 30, 2012 -- All these years we have used our 'reasoning mind' for our self-improvement and material growth. Very few of us have dared to transcend this 'thinking mind' and connect to our spirituality. Identifying with our spirituality allows us to live a life where the mind is free of thinking, where we operate through the intelligence of our spirit.

We become spiritual by being aware of our mind and focusing our thoughts on the now, on the present moment. By living in the present we are not easily influenced by emotions and impulses, desires or attachments. Thus, it becomes easier for us to deal with our circumstances, solve our day-to-day problems.

For our self-improvement we must avoid living in the past or future. Because nothing better can be done for future than doing our best in the present moment. Worrying for the future is a mind-disease created by the 'reasoning mind' and the medicine is present moment awareness.

Tips for Being Aware in the Present Moment

1. Stay conscious of the now - When we begin practicing staying in the present, we often get confused about how to live in the now, how to focus on the moment. All we need is to stay alert and not get lost in our thoughts. With constant practice we will realize that we are not the thoughts we identify with. We are pure consciousness; we are the witness of our thoughts.

2. Present is a state of being thoughtless - Present moment awareness is about being aware of the moment without thinking. Now, this may not be possible because it is in the nature of the mind to think, so thoughts will arise in our mind. Being thoughtless in the present means that we should detach ourselves with the arising thoughts. We should not get affected by the thoughts or associate with them. And doing so, we should not get discouraged when we find ourselves thinking even while we are practicing present moment awareness. Eventually, our awareness will become strong enough to resist the attraction of the thoughts.

3. It is not easy to be in the present - To be in the present we have to learn to disconnect with our addiction of mind based identification. It will take some determined effort on our part to get rid of the habit of egocentric-mind identification. We should not fall for the mind which will try to repeatedly pull our attention. Once we have strengthened our awareness, it becomes easier to identify with our pure consciousness.

If we persevere, eventually, our awareness will grow in power and we will stop identifying with the 'thinking mind' and wake up to pure consciousness. Thus, we get connected to our spirituality and the journey leads us to our self-improvement and self-realization.

About Books on Spirituality

As Gian Kumar in his book Knowthyself says peace is the innate quality of mind. To acquire it one need not go anywhere. As gold or silver are hidden under the earth, peace and joy lie hidden in the mind and soul. For more information visit: http://www.booksonspirituality.com.

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