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Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) April 26, 2011 -- We believe in God, we believe in the capacity of faith to get us through life and through the darker times, but we don't all believe in religion, says Conscious Living Magazine founder and editor, Monique Williams. So we need another pathway to access the spiritual essence of life, and to work with spirituality so we can build success, peace and love.

Conscious Living Magazine is one of those pathways, says Monique. Its aim is to give us way of moving towards "peaceful-loving-care" as she calls it.

"Spirituality is at the core of many of our lives but we don't know it," Monique says, "We do, in those dark, stressful moments of life, call up a power from somewhere out-there that will help us get through. And it works! But we need to consciously action that deeper, supportive power if we want to come into our own space of personal power and emotional resilience."

We can't just sit on our hands, she says and expect life to sort itself out. It doesn't work like that, according to her teachings. Rather we need to consciously awaken to the idea that we have everything we need within us already. We need to open up to our inner-spirit and follow its intensive and supportive guidance towards our goals or dreams. This inner-spirit always leads us in the right direction, even towards our more outlandish or extravagant dreams because such dreams are the work of our soul energy anyway. We can try to clamp them down, thereby creating anxiety within us, or we can go after them.

Monique, a channel writer and spiritual teacher, connects with a group of spirit beings who call themselves the Teachers of Humanity. The Teachers are here to pass on the message that we can be whoever we choose to be and have the success we desire because we have the energy of God in our lives. We do not need to cultivate this energy, through prayers and rituals in order to succeed. We don't need to belong to a religious organisation to know God. We just need to remember that our soul energy is the essence of God and therefore all-knowing.

We no longer need to believe that our deep dreams for life, are out of reach. But we do need to heal the heart which is the pathway to our dreams, because we have been taught so often that life is hard and success is only available to some. This is the message she is sharing with many like-minded students who are seeking a way of inducing stability and peace-of-mind in their lives, whilst claiming the right to be who they are, authentically and without doubt.

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