Spray Urethane Foam Becomes Tax Credited

Jacksonville, Florida (PressExposure) April 10, 2009 -- Today SprayMax Industrial Coatings Inc., a manufacture of spray Urethane Foam issued a compliance paper to give home owners the opportunity to get a 30% rebate (up to $1,500.00) in Tax credits to spray SoyThane Urethane Foam insulation in their homes themselves.

Tom Hay, Technical Advisor for SprayMax said “We have thousands of customers that have enjoyed saving money by using our Do It Yourself FastKick Spray gun/proportioner dual cartridge system. The SoyThane spray Urethane foam has become the industry leader in regrowable energy with our proprietary 90% Soy in the B side. The ability to spray foam yourself has been saving home owners a lot of money as they can do sections or full installations around their own schedule. SoyThane has given homeowners the added ability to save on high heating and cooling costs with the Spray Urethane Foam that is the least dependent on petroleum from Third World Countries. The idea of getting an additional 30% (up to $1,500.00) as a Tax incentive is the Governments way of saying they want to help lower fuel costs.”

“SoyThane is a dual cartridge system which like the commercial spray units requires an equal amount of both “A” and “B” component. The FastKick Spray Gun/proportioner has a small air motor in the back of the gun. When you pull the trigger your Air Compressor pushes the Air Motor forward. Attached to the Air Motor is 2 positive displacement rods with round disks at the end, one goes through the A side, the other through the B side. Both rods are connected to the same Air Motor so they have to travel through the cartridges at equal speed and pressure. The dual materials meet at the end of the cartridge and go through a static mixer. At the end of the static mixer is an air atomizer that creates a spray pattern.

When the cartridge is empty you push a button at the back of the FastKick, pull the trigger and the rods instantly retract. At this time you can hang the gun up (no clean up) and throw the empty cartridge and mixer away as it is non HazMat, VOC free though SprayMax would prefer you separate it for recycling or insert another cartridge and start spraying again.”

“In review, you save in Fuel costs by adding spray foam insulation, you save money by doing the project yourself and lastly you save money by taking advantage of the new Tax Incentive plan. There has never been a better time to do it.”

To learn more about this product and the Tax Incentive program visit http://soythane.com/.

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SprayMax is the leading Manufacture of Do It Yourself Spray Urethane Foam made from regrowable energy.

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