Squadhelp Reports Crowdsourcing Community Fast Adopters of Marketplace Services

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) July 17, 2011 -- Not long ago, Squadhelp launched a pair of new offerings to augment their highly successful crowdsourcing business model. Squadhelp christened the pair as Domain Marketplace and Service Marketplace [http://www.squadhelp.com/Service_Marketplace/], and it enabled clients to take a more active approach to securing services as it relates to domain name needs as well as a plethora of other highly sought after needs such as article writing, creative services and the like. Freelancers have embraced the new opportunity and are bringing their best work to bear, and this in turn has fueled more demand on the part of businesses and individuals seeking experts to assist them with their needs. Squadhelp has been monitoring the array of transactions taking place in their marketplace and though the new offerings are but a few months in, the metrics don't lie, and Squadhelp is proud to report that the new concept has in fact taken root and has more than proven its worth.

The emergence of market exchanges where service seekers are matched with able providers recognized for their creativity and competency is a testament to the grass roots movement of the small business constituency. Smaller businesses do not have the same deep pockets as their larger, more established brethren do, and oftentimes, they don't even have a line of credit to help them make the requisite investment in order to develop their business. Consequently, the main principals of these small businesses have to find creative means to fulfill their needs, and thus the driving force behind crowdsourcing is sustained.

When there is demand, enterprising individuals will be out in force to meet those demands, particularly in today's economic climate characterized by sustained depression of wages and the lack of growth in the employment front. The supply side of the equation is filled by professionals displaced from their former profession, or individuals looking to go it alone through the freelance market. Regardless of their background, the crowdsourcing service providers at Squadhelp have earned a reputation for their professionalism and exemplary deliverables. Contest holders and Marketplace buyers are finding a goldmine in the form of services rendered by the creative minds at Squadhelp.

The recently established Domain Marketplace and Service Marketplace have proven to be a boon to both service buyers and service providers. Many have characterized the process of securing marketplace services as expert sourcing, a nod to the commendable work coming out of the professionals that staff Squadhelp's service provider community. Both marketplaces are proving to be indispensible resources for those seeking specific services from freelancers for a fixed price; moreover, the establishment of the marketplaces is a testament to the commitment of Squadhelp to deliver the right set of services to their community, all for the right price.

"Our marketplace services have proven to be just what small businesses have been looking for, particularly those facing tight deadlines. Of course, the whole process owes its success to the exemplary service provided by our expert providers who continue to demonstrate that Squadhelp is by far the place to go to secure expert services," explains Rachel Shaw of Squadhelp.com.

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