Squadhelp to Launch New Points System to Improve Crowdsourcing Quality of Submissions

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) February 27, 2011 -- Squadhelp is on track to deliver a new incentive system, one that will help their crème de la crème contestants distinguish themselves from their brethren and in the process elevate their visibility to contest holders seeking only the best among an already elite group. Service providers are contestants in Squadhelp's crowdsourcing model, and they have to compete for opportunities created by employers, or contest holders in Squadhelp parlance. This new addition to crowdsourcing model reinforces the long standing reputation that Squadhelp enjoys in the community; that is, Squadhelp is continuously looking for ways to improve upon its platform, and that it listens to and takes action on the advice of community members.

Squadhelp's primary objective with its introduction of the points system is to improve upon the quality of submissions made by its community of contestants. Squadhelp believes that with the new points system, the collective quality, as measured by contest holder satisfaction among other factors, will rise and that over time this approach will lead to a more robust platform, one that will be coveted by quality contestants and contest holders alike. Ultimately, the success of any crowdsourcing platform is directly proportional to the satisfaction of its community members, and in particular the contest holders; after all, they power all transactions, financially speaking.

The new points system works like so: contestants earn points as they receive high ratings from contest holders. They may also earn points by earning badges, winning contests, receiving a bonus and more. On the other hand, contestants may also lose points when they continuously submit entries that are disliked by contest holders. It is entirely possible for a contestant to accumulate enough dislikes that they end up negative on the points scale. When they pass a predetermined negative threshold, these contestants will be prevented from participating in future contests.

Ultimately, the points system will sharpen the pool of talent at Squadhelp through natural attrition. It provides an incentive for contestants to pursue quality in everything that they submit, and like most positive reinforcements, success begets more success. The more points contestants earn, the more they will want to pursue it. On the other hand, contestants who continuously deliver sub-par work will ultimately lose incentive, and may drop out altogether as a result of fewer opportunities coming their way. Over time, the points system will enable Squadhelp to evolve from crowd sourcing to become an expert sourcing platform, as only highly qualified contestants will remain in the pool of talent for each category.

"Since our inception, we have always pursued improvements to our platform in order to keep delivering a compelling experience to both our contestants and contest holders. With our new points system, we envision our contest holders receiving higher quality submissions on a consistent basis, and we also anticipate contestants benefitting significantly because earning more points will allow them to receive exclusive benefits and marketplace listing opportunities," explains Rachel Shaw of Squadhelp.com.

Helping small businesses accomplish their marketing and branding activities by crowd sourcing to an army of experts at a fraction of cost of hiring an agency.

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Helping small businesses accomplish their marketing and branding activities by crowd sourcing to an army of experts at a fraction of cost of hiring an agency.

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