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Barrie, ON Canada (PressExposure) July 05, 2007 -- At one point, Stargazer Press was little more than a dream. Nowadays though, word is getting out. Novels and educational resources from Stargazer Press are top notch. "We market everywhere we can," says Robyn W., CEO of Stargazer Press. "Word is now getting out that buying one of our novels or programs is a safe bet."

This company started with one small product. But small really isn't the word for it. Stargazer's Guided Reading Kit is a CD that competes with the big publishers who put out guided reading programs. A school buys a license and prints and prints from this CD for the low cost of 199.99 Canadian. There are 130 printable stories, lesson plans and coloring sheets on each one. "We have also brought in other languages. Our program is available in Canadian English, U.S. English, U.K. English, French, German and Spanish." For the first year, the company worked tirelessly to promote this product as a good alternative to the 8,000 dollar version from bigger companies. It's a fraction of the price of a four-colour printed program.

Then, Stargazer Press rolled out the first novel. "Kate Rizor's novel is exquisite," says Robyn W. "This author has been compared to the next Nora Roberts. The Governor's Wife is the ultimate in contemporary romance. It is political in nature and has social justice as its setting backdrop but truly, it is the story of love lost and reborn."

Following that, V.B. Rosendahl's new novel 'Bitter Tastes' came out. Two preteen sleuths set out to solve a crime. This is the first in the Martha and Kathy series. It's action packed, down to the last ugly pair of glasses. "I believe this author will be as big as Nancy Drew. Her next novel rolls out of production somtime in late winter. The next has an animal and is called Mudder." Her first novel has already been nominated for

And lately, The Wizard's Daughter by Texas based author Victoria Graydale rolled onto the scene. This novel had been in production. With its striking art cover (designed by an ex-pat of Britain), the novel has it all from the first page. The dazzling characters jump off the page and invite you into this medieval journey. There's something about the way she writes that makes this novel a winner.

Coming this fall is Jacqueline D'Acre's novel "Foreclosure". The setting is Lousiana, long before the hurricaine. This novel is the first in the Bryn Wiley series. It's engaging style moves this novel. The plot is quick paced, the characters are engaging and when a day is over they all meet at Lila's Creole Diner. "We already have countless authors who have been published before. Victoria Graydale has published under another name as has V.B. Rosendahl. But Jacqueline D'Acre has been published under her own name for the title Between Extremities, a rare commodity still sold on EBay." "We want people to know that Stargazer Press is hammering out a new deal with authors that sees them get the support they need to be successful. We are also now welcoming educational resource authors," says Robyn W. "All of our authors are available for media interviews by contacting our company directly. We ask readers to request these books at their local libraries and bookstores or order them online.", []

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