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, - (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- Why would a company turn to internet marketing? Because it is the wave of the future. According to a recent article from research firm eMarketer, Internet advertising spending is forecasted to increase by 8.9 percent in 2009. The 2009 online ad spending forecast is $30 billion. All sorts of companies are utilizing the power of the internet to brand their name and get their product noticed. Even franchises market using online techniques. It is simple to understand why. When was the last time you turned to the Yellow Pages to find the nearest Italian Restaurant?

Internet marketing encompasses a wide range of techniques. There are online display ads, which increased 17.3 percent in 2008. There are also Pay Per Click ads, which are popular for growing companies because it doesn't seem that there is a large up front investment in this form of advertising. In reality, Pay Per Click campaigns through search engine sites such as Google can eat up profits like a hungry hippo if the right keyword list is not chosen and checked regularly. If you want to start ranking now, you've got to employ the right techniques.

Within Internet marketing is search engine marketing. This is essential to growing a business because billions of transactions and searches are made annually on the Internet. Each month in the Unites States alone, over 200 million people use the Internet. According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, 99 percent of these users utilize a search engine once a week or more, with 56 percent using a search engine daily. Search engine marketing does include pay per click campaigns, but that doesn't mean that you cannot generate qualified leads without one.

One of the best ways get your site to start ranking now is to utilize search engine marketing in a way to get ranked organically. The difference between organic rankings and pay per click listings is that with pay per click, you have a specified amount of funds you will pay for those listings. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you are charged. When the funds are gone, so is the listing. With organic rankings, more time may go into the marketing effort in the beginning, but once your site is ranked on that coveted first page of Google, you stay unless some other site outranks you based on relevance. But that is an easy fix.

Your site can also start ranking now by utilizing Social Media Marketing, an aspect of internet marketing. Social media has taken over the web by leaps and bounds, and is highly effective at driving traffic to websites that are deemed credible and trustworthy. What sets social media apart from other forms of marketing, and why a site can start ranking now by using it, is that it is driven by users not advertisers. Nobody likes to be sold. However, when looking for a good deal or a specific product or service, everyone will listen to the recommendation of another consumer. Companies that wisely and correctly use social media to get their name out there reap great rewards.

Now, how do you get started learning everything there is to know about internet marketing? You could go back to school or spend your days endlessly reading about the trends and techniques that will get your site off the ground. Or, you could outsource internet marketing tasks to a professional company such as Start Ranking Now and let the specialists handle your marketing efforts. This way you are free to maintain your daily tasks that grow your business.

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