Statistical Evidence Reveals that Some Trainer Kites Impede a Beginners Progress

Burns Lake, Canada (PressExposure) January 12, 2010 -- Trainer Kite misrepresentation is on the rise on the internet; retailers out to make a quick buck are advertising anything just to make a sale - at the beginners expense. Despite the common claims, recent trainer kite reviews from are showing that not all claims are true, and this does have an effect on the user's experience.

According to Robert Murray, B.Sc. in Physics and founder, several claims have been shown statistically to be inaccurate, and choosing the wrong kite will impede a beginner's progress.

The most common inaccurate claim has to do with the ease of re-launch of two line kites. Several manufacturers state that their two line trainer kites can be re-launched after a crash simply by tugging on one of the two lines.

"The two line re-launch is the most inaccurate ascertain of all." says Murray, "During the reviews, beginners were only able to re-launch two line kites around 30% of the time. The rest of the time the kites tangled on the ground and needed to be re set up. "

"Compare this to the three line kite: without instruction beginners were able to re-launch the kite over 70% of the time. After being taught how, their success rate was over 90%. Enough tests have been done that these numbers hold statistical significance."

For beginners looking to get into the sport, this is important information. Two line kites are priced cheaper than their three line counterparts, and they are advertised with the same benefits.

"For a beginner this is very important to know" continues Murray, "If you buy a lower priced kite, thinking that you can re-launch it, you will be let down. During the reviews, almost everyone who tried re-launching a two line kite got frustrated and either wanted to switch kites or take a break. This is not a good learning situation."

Beginners should be aware that not all statements made by retailers are true, and making buying decisions based on them can affect their learning curve. In the case of the two line re-launch, an innocent desire to save money could seriously affect their experience with the kite.

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