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Navi Mumbai, India (PressExposure) April 07, 2009 -- "Report on Chinas MCU Micro Controller Unit Market"( [] )report gives information on development of MCU Standards in China and in the World. As IC (integrated circuit) sector moved into the low-growth stage of its business cycle, the growth of global MCU market has slowed down in 2008, especially markets in Europe and the America. Although the growth rate of China's MCU market is still higher than the global average, it was slowing down in 2008 due to the slow growth of the country's manufacturing of electronics products. China's market grows at single-digit rate for the first time Although its growth has been slowing down in recent years, China's MCU market had still been growing at double-digit rates, which was like kind of a characteristic of China's market. In 2008, however, the fast-growth stage ended and the market stepped into a stage of single-digit moderate growth, which was only 5.8% year-on-year, the lowest in past ten years. It's mainly because China's electronics manufacturing grew slowly in 2008. The output of electronics products is high after years of heady growth so that the sector is unable to keep growing at the high rate as before. As a result, the growth of demand for MCU is slowing down rapidly. On the other hand, the great downward movement of product prices is also responsible for the slow growth of MCU market, as downstream market participators are passing on cost pressure to upstream ones in front of fierce competition. The competitive landscape indicates that, the increase of sales of major MCU producers has slowed down evidently because of the weak demand and low prices. In addition, the continuous appreciation of the renminbi and other macroeconomic factors also have impact on the profitability of multinational producers of MCU. Market share of top-end products increases obviously As for the mix of products, 8-bit ones still dominate the global MCU market in 2008 because of their relatively low prices, improving performance, and extensive application fields. But the market has been shifting towards 16-bit and 32-bit products as products are more integrated and deliver higher performance. The growth rates of various MCU products in China's market showed that 16-bit and 32-bit products were the bestsellers. With both of their market scales growing at about 20%, 16-bit and 32-bit products have become an import force leading the market. As for auto electronics, consumers have become increasingly demanding about the safety and comfort of cars. As a result, information and safety products such as car information systems, ESP, ABS and TPMS would become popular soon and would be updated continually. As becoming the major parts of auto power system, safety control and multimedia entertainment, 16/32-bit MCU is greatly improving the efficiency, convenience, and functions of automobiles. In the household applicants field, as consumers have become more and more conscious about quality and technology, new-generation products of intelligence, high efficiency and conservation, which low-end MCU is unable to deliver, are becoming the beacon of the market. To satisfy the demanding consumers, MCU is shifting toward 16/32-bit. New application fields become hot dates to leading market players In general, application fields such as medical electronics, industrial control and auto electronics have become important in sustaining the increase of sales of MCU producers. But as for market scales, MCU for consumer electronics is still superior to others. As the competition in consumer electronics field becomes fiercer, the prices are falling, leading to slow growth of the market, while demand of consumer electronics for SOC chips increases rapidly, and in turn makes demand for common MCU decrease. As a result, the market share of MCU for consumer electronics fell further in 2008. Since the price war over MCU for consumer electronics, computer making and network-related products has become intense, more and more MCU producers start focusing on new fields including medical electronics, industrial control and auto electronics to support their growth in the market. Compared to the former fields, the new fields need MCUs that are more stable and reliable. Due to the high technological barrier to entry, MCU production for the above-mentioned new fields had been dominated by European and American companies. But recently producers in Taiwan have become much stronger, being able to provide products completely satisfying the application needs of some fields. Taiwan producers also pay increasing attention to the new field, so the monopoly of Europe and the America in the fields is being terminated, and fierce competition begins. Looking ahead, markets of new applications would provide opportunities to MCU producers to help them end the low-growth stage. It is expected that in the future producers of compete sets, controllers and semiconductors would engage in deeper cooperation while the competition between companies in the same fields would become fiercer. The application markets of auto electronics, top-end household appliances and industrial motor control would deliver continuous, fast growth, to promote the growth of 16/32-bit MCU market in China, and then encourage the growth of the whole market. 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