Stealthy and Powerful, the Skylanders Character Stealth Elf

Sparks, MD (PressExposure) March 03, 2012 -- Stealth Elf is a fantastic Skylanders character to try out, and part of her appeal is obviously her steathy nature. She can vanish entirely and at exactly the same time generate a replica of herself. Whist they are attacking her replica, Stealth Elf [] then uses invisible stealth to eliminate her enemies.Very sneaky heh? Using daggers and swords to strike the enemies, she is very nimble. These are the basic abilities that she begins the game with. As you play Skylanders using Stealth Elf, you will get money which in turn allows you to upgrade her abilities. Several of the upgrades are various scarecrows which act as decoys, distracting the enemies, blade attacks that do even more damage and "Aboreal Acrobatics" that allow Stealth Elf to perform more agile moves. One of her upgrades "Elf Jitsu" allows Stealth Elf to produce poison spores. Stealth Elf belongs to the Life Skylander Character. Life Skylanders use their own abilities to generate other living things. In the case of Stealth Elf these are a series of things like plants or live dummies (the scarecrows).

The best way to purchase Stealth Elf is as a single character pack. The Skylanders Spiro's Adventure single character pack includes the Skylanders Stealth Elf interactive figure, a trading card, a sticker sheet and one web code. Each Skylanders figures remember their in-game experiences and upgrades. The price of Stealth Elf is now considerably higher than the original $9.99 on, which seems to be the only place to buy it now, apart from ebay due to greatly depleted stock. Stealth Elf is also sold in a triple pack, along with Skylanders Wrecking Ball [] and Sonic Boom. Skylanders has broken new ground with their idea of the toys interacting directly with the game, via the portal of Power. After a player selects their Skylander and places it on the portal of power, the character appears in the video game. If the player desires to change Skylanders character, then all they need to do is take the Skylander off the portal and add another one. If a Skylander dies in the game, you can just substitute it with another one, which is an additional bonus. So obviously the more Skylanders characters you have, the longer you can continue playing without ending the game.

The Game Skylanders:Spiro's Adventure looks unbelievable, and plays superbly. The narrative of the story for the game is that the Skylanders have continuously used their magical powers and weapons to defend the Skylands for generations. However all the Skylanders have been frozen and transported to Earth, by an evil tyrant , where they are trapped. Players use the Portal of Power to transport the Skylanders back to their world and help save the Skylands from evil. When playing the game players have a whole different selection of activities open to them . They can fight to save the Skylands, and explore the magical worlds of Skylands, which have really been brought to life in a wonderful, rich colourful way. There are many different adventures and puzzles to solve along the route. Players have the option to play with or against their friends, and also challenge themselves in fun mini games.

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