Steiner Ranch Women's Self Defense Class Dates are Released

Austin, TX (PressExposure) November 09, 2009 -- Robb Hamic will be teaching community self defense classes in Steiner Ranch at the Towne Park Community Center twice per month. Mr. Hamic is the Chief Instructor for Summit Self Defense. The focus of the class will be women's self defense although others may come. The classes are intended to address the growing concern about violence against women and girls. The classes are open to anyone on a first come first served RSVP basis (limit 30 people per class). The cost is only $50 per person and will cover at two hour class on awareness, detection of danger, scenarios, the most effective self defense that a woman (or anyone else) could use against an attack, imminent jeopardy and legal use of force considerations.

Classes may expand based on current interest and RSVP's. Summit Self Defense's class is relevant, easy to fit into your schedule, inexpensive and sought after. Mr. Hamic travel across the country delivering this training and now it is available to Austin residents, locally. This is an open class intended for women but men and children over the age of 14 may attend.

Most 'self defense training only focuses on some form of defense, whether it is realistic or not. Robb Hamic believes that way of teaching can be harmful and leave you with no other option other than fighting. "Women and girls don't want to fight and they don't want to stand and fight toe to toe with an attacker," says Hamic. Robb Hamic says: "The main objective of a person, including myself, is to get away from the attacker as fast as possible." While the idea of punishing an attacker might be gratifying, it is impractical and gives people who train in these types of systems a false sense of security. A person who is attacked needs to know enough to keep themselves and their loved ones safe until they can get away (in most cases). "Self defense needs to be simple, effective and easy to remember because all fancy techniques disintegrate under stress," says Hamic.

Consider these facts:

A bad guy wants only three things: Property, your body or your life

In 2008- 6 out of 1000 people were the victim of aggravated assault in the US (an injury that could cause death or great bodily harm)

47% of all crime is unreported

It seems that the crime rates are rising nationally when we watch the news.

Robb Hamic is the Chief Instructor of Summit Self Defense. Robb provides firearms and defensive tactic training to Austin Police Department and over a dozen other law enforcement agencies across the US, military units and thousands of people per year. Robb teaches from a highly evolved self defense system that he advances throughout every year. Robb is a women's self defense master instructor and expert He trains people in all levels of use of force including: combatitives, hand to hand tactics, close quarter, handgun deployment, Taser, OC Spray (mace), knife, de-escalation of force, conflict avoidance, rape prevention, safety, use of force, imminent jeopardy and other guns systems and tactics. Summit operates three schools across the US and is currently expanding rapidly.

Robb's wife and former Sheriff's Deputy, Marie, will assist in delivering this training. Marie and Robb have seen the aftermath of violence against women firsthand and they now work together to give women and people options. Robb and Marie have created a website that provides women self defense options and they reach out to thousands of students in their seminars who may be victims of violence. They provide training through seminars locally, nationally and internationally. Summit Self Defense offers training to corporations, organizations and groups to combat workplace violence, personal safety, crimes against women, risk assessments and real life scenarios. Robb Hamic travels monthly to provide on-site training wherever he is needed.

RSVP for these classes by e-mail or phone. Bring a family member and please tell your friends. We look forward to meeting you!

512-284-0087 (cell)

Class availibility:

All classes held at the Towne Square Community Center in Steiner Ranch

12550 Country Trails Lane Austin, Texas 78732

November 2009- Thursday November 12 (4-6PM)

Thursday November 19 (12-2PM)

December 2009- Tuesday December 15 (10-12PM)

Sunday December 20 (4-6PM)

January 2010 Thursday January 7 (12-2PM)

Sunday January 10 (4-6PM)

Press Contact: Robb Hamic Summit Self Defense 2900 N. Quinlan Park Rd Suite 131- B-240 Austin, TX 78732 512-284-0087

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Robb Hamic will be teaching community self defense classes in Steiner Ranch at the Towne Park Community Center twice per month.

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