Stem Cell Science And Your Horse's Anti Aging

Woodbury, NJ (PressExposure) August 13, 2007 -- Stem cell science has had a tremendous advancement within the last ten years. Putting aside all the controversy concerning the ethical nature of embryonic stem cell research, governments research agencies and universities around the world are now pointing at adult stem cells as a major player in the bodies natural renewal system.

Although there is still much to learn about these incredible cells, sciences has prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that bone marrow adult stem cells constitute the bodies natural renewal system.

Amazingly we can now use this same scientific knowledge in the care and health maintenance of our horses. At the beginning of 2006, Stem Tech Health Sciences ( began distribution of a revolutionary all natural product that helps horses naturally release their own adult bone marrow stem cells into circulation.

Once in circulation these stem cell begin a rebuilding and rejuvenation process that dramatically impacts the animal's performance. It's almost as if the animals get a new air for life. Their mobility is significantly improved. Some users even say their demeanor actually improves as well.

"StemEquine," as the product is named, helps the body act internally as it did when the animal was much younger and had it's stem cells naturally circulating. As animals age, this includes humans as wells, less stem cells are released into the system. This diminishment of stem cells brings about a quickening of the aging process. Because less stem cells are circulating, less organs are being rebuild and rejuvenated. Very interesting science.

People across the US and Canada are currently focking to the vendors of this product as more and more testimonials come in. Some show horse owners are raving about the improved performance within a very short time on the product.

Science may have come up with the fountain of youth for our beloved pets.

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