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Seattle, Washington (PressExposure) July 13, 2008 -- The Stereolithography is a new webpage that was just added to the new SLA Prototyping Information Website that has just been released. This new Stereo Lithography Information Process webpage has all of the information you need to know on Stereolithography Prototyping and SLA Methods and the main information you need to know on Stereolithography Information. You can visit this Stereo Lithography webpage at:

Here is an excerpt from the new Stereolithography and SLA Prototyping webpage:

“Stereolithography or SLA is one of the most commonly used rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technology for creating several parts with excellent surface finish and high accuracy. Stereolithography is a mechanism used to perform Stereolithography Apparatus. SLA creates plastic parts or even objects a layer by marking out a laser beam on the surface of the liquid photopolymer. This category of substances initially developed for packaging and printing industry, solidifies quickly wherever the laser beam hits. As one layer is being entirely marked out it lowers a small distance into the vat of the liquid photopolymer and a subsequent layer is marked out exactly on the top of the first layer.

The self cementing property of this particular substance causes the layers to merge with one another and finally form an absolute 3D object after lots of similar objects are created. Some of these objects have undercuts or overhangs that must be actually maintained during the procedure of fabrication by maintaining the structures.”

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