Stock Market Crash 2010!

Toronto, Canada (PressExposure) January 04, 2010 -- Potential Causes Of A Double Dip Recession

U.S. Residential Real Estate

One analyst argued that the major problem still in the U.S. economy (or even the world economy for this matter) is the housing market. A bank study recently reported that by the first quarter of 2011, 48% of U.S. homes are expected to be under water. Meaning people will be owing more on their mortgages then the market value of the home.

Top this with that there will be another 7 million foreclosures continuing in the U.S. into 2010 to 2011. That is not it though. Read on.

U.S. Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate, largely in the U.S. but to some potential degree in Canada as well, is widely expected to be running into some problems soon as retailers earnings fail to recover quickly because of the consumers spending weaknesses.

Some analysts have referred to it as the "other shoe to drop," although we haven't yet seen it. If consumers spending ability stays weak it can be very well another market dip. Now for my favourite part.

How can you avoid being apart of this?

There are a few ways to avoid being a part of this. First you must understand if you are counting on the government or a job right now that you must change that and become self-employed. Even though if you are self-employed you must also understand that you need to be unique. To be unique you must do what other traditional businesses don't know and are not doing. I am going to do so much of the work for you today. That's not it though!

Online marketing is the fastest growing industry in the world now. And if you had an online business you can market to the world internationally and not worry about just local consumers and having a small market. You can get yourself in front of billions of people online for free(if you knew exactly how to market online) or very low-cost. Having an online business will allow you to leverage the internet as well, instead of working so hard to do what is necessary a system(a website) can be designed to do all the work for you. You just got to drive traffic to it. All can be taught in many online marketing programs.

Next is you need a product to sell. You can have a drop shipper which you can be selling their products and the company pays you directly for each sale. You want to find a unique product line that pays out a few thousand per sale and will benefit you and your consumers greatly, especially in this economy. What if I told you I could offer you exactly everything you need to start an online business that includes everything discussed and much more?

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