Stock Market Guru Releases Penny Stock Pump And Dump Video

Dunedin, FL (PressExposure) March 09, 2011 -- Stock market guru John Lux today announced release of a new YouTube video "Anatomy of a Real Pump and Dump." The video studies an actual pump and dump penny stock scheme as tracked by the securities regulators.

"I notice that many people talk about penny stock pump and dump activities, but always in the abstract. I though it would be instructional for investors to see the anatomy of a real pump and dump for a change," said John Lux. "This way they will see the behind the scenes activities of a penny stock scam and know how to find a true hot stock, even a hot penny stock, for real and not be fooled by penny stock scams. It is this kind of knowledge that gives you confidence when you invest, and as I have often said theory without nerve doesn't lead to action -- and in the stock market, it's action that makes you money."

The video is available free on YouTube under the name "Anatomy of a REAL Pump and Dump."

The penny stock market can contain penny stock scams, including pumps and dumps. Readers are cautioned about penny stock investments. Considerable expertise is needed to pick the best penny stocks. Penny stock investments are not suitable for all investors. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Rely on professional advisors.

"The biggest, fastest stock market gains I have ever seen are in dirt cheap penny stocks that do reverse mergers," said John Lux. 'Not in big capitalization stocks that do reverse mergers, but in low priced penny stocks. Some of these stocks were selling at $0.0001 before the deal - and they don't allow stocks to be quoted cheaper than that. Approaching these penny stocks in a serious way can give you enormous, fast profits. But you have to beware of possible stock manipulation, that's why I did this video. You have cutthroat Competition when you want to buy a hot stock. Wall Street is ultra-competitive. Traders are notorious for their testosterone. People call them sharks. They love winning. They are truly ruthless. Be aware of the risks."

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John Lux is a former market maker, futures trader, attorney, underwriter, investment banker, securities analyst, "quant," venture company president, venture capitalist. Degrees in quantitative analysis and law. Author of "How to Find a Home Run Stock," "How to Pick Hot Reverse Merger Penny Stocks," "How the Shorts Raid Your Stock, Destroy Your Company and What to Do About It," and "Bash the Stock Bashers." His blog is at and See “Anatomy of a Real Pump and Dump is on at

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