Stockroller Unveils Its Revolutionary Investment Philosophy

Lexington, TX (PressExposure) February 19, 2013 -- In a scenario where the people of the country are generally tired of a lackluster economy, uncertain markets and lack of strong government policies to combat the situation, there are very few who will be ready to play the role of a Samaritan. But even in this scenario, StockRoller, one of the best investment management firms out there is ready to take a stand. The firm has just unveiled its revolutionary Investment Philosophy - to help clients strengthen their economic power with good investments.

In the changing economic circumstances of the current times, StockRoller is truly one of those investment management firms that exists to help people ensure profitable and sustainable growth of investments for the individual as well as the community as a whole. The company offers innovative solutions to people who want expert advice about the best ways to invest money and make the most of the present market conditions.

"StockRoller is a Registered Investment Advisor providing flexible money management solutions focused on achieving consistent long term results. We do this through globally diversified portfolios of equity and fixed income securities, customizing the risk vs. return based on client stated investment goals. To do so, we use the relative percentages of equity and debt in the portfolios of the clients that seek out our advice about what to invest in. For a given target equity to fixed income ratio, we rebalance based on tradeoffs between tax and transaction costs vs. the target allocations to these asset classes. We seek to maintain good tax efficiency using indexing and modest portfolio turnover. And this is how we help in ensuring that our clients always stay one step ahead of the game and are able to make profitable investment decisions." explained the owner of StockRoller RIA.

The full text of the firm's investment policy can be found on its website. In times of economic uncertainty, StockRoller is truly one of those investment management firms that you can trust to offer you the best advice for maintaining your economic power and liberty.

For more information about the firm or to seek their expert advice about what to invest in, please visit the website

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StockRoller is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that offers a unique program for good investments that is a combination of wealth building and a financial safety net for its clients as well as others. They offer sound advice about the best ways to invest money to clients that hail from all different income strata of the economy and help people in parking their surplus funds in wise and strong investment avenues.

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