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Lagos, Nigeria (PressExposure) December 08, 2009 -- Just What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation is simply the act of giving yourself sexual pleasure by rubbing your sexual organs. I call it “self sex” or “sex with self”.

Whatever definition or name we give to it, it is totally against the original plans of God almighty for His creations (us)! God says in His Word, “…and they shall be one flesh” Genesis 2:24 (KJ2000). The actual mating process between a man and a woman is such that when they are in the act, they have actually become one. This is in accordance with the Word of God quoted above!

When a man, woman, boy or girl now engages himself or herself in this act, he or she is engaging in a practice that is ungodly. Anything contrary to God’s Word is not of God but of the devil!

Don’t be surprised I have started with God’s Word. I have to do this because I want you to understand that most of what you will be reading in this Report were picked from God’s Word! I have always picked solutions to any problem from His Word!


I want to believe the word SEX stands for:

S: semen

EX: exchange

It is a process of exchanging sex fluids between two people (a man and a woman). Two people must be involved for this act to be an exchange. A single person cannot exchange anything with himself or herself.

Now if there must be an exchange of sex fluids, then sex must involve two people for it to be right and godly. When a single man or woman gets involved in “sex with self” or masturbation, he or she is carrying out an exchange between himself and herself alone. This is abnormal and does not agree with my definition of sex above.

I want to point out immediately that the two people involved in the exchange must be a man and a woman and NOT between a man and a man (homosexuals) or a woman and a woman (lesbianism). A man can’t exchange anything with another man. Likewise, a woman cannot do the same with a fellow woman.

A man who exchanges his fluids (sperm) with another man has not exchanged anything. This same thing applies to a woman. For the word, EXCHANGE to really make a good meaning in the definition of sex above, then a man or a woman must exchange what he or she has with what he or she does not have.

All I have stated above should clearly show you the abnormal nature of “sex with self” or masturbation. If it is abnormal, then it is ungodly and if it is ungodly, then you should not get involved in it because the end thereof is destruction.

It is a Big Problem

From my findings and from teenage personal experience, most youths, teenagers and others who engage in it don’t always like engaging in this negative act but they just cant help getting into it most times!

Apart from the fact that this secret act can have a serious negative effect on the sex life of those who indulge in it at the long run, it can also have a serious negative effect on the condition of the minds of “patients”. It can cause a serious imbalance in the minds and reasoning abilities of patients at the long run if it is not checked on time!

The act of masturbation drops “evil punches” on the minds of patients each time they engage in it. These ‘evil punches” become bigger with time until they begin to affect the proper thinking or reasoning ability of “patients”. They then begin to find it difficult coping in school (if they are students) or find it tough enjoying their sexual relationship with their spouse (if they are married men and women)!

My Biggest Concern

I am so much concerned about how it can affect the performance of students in school. As a former high school teacher and a counselor in a growing youth organization in my country for many years, some youths who have put me into confidence on how they have struggled with the problem for so long are the ones that are also struggling with their studies!

According to an unconfirmed Report, 90% of youths the world over are “patients” of this problem! Also about 50% of people who are married are also involved in it!

With this interesting statistics, this Report is necessary to help these people!

In this Report, the reasons why people indulge in it will be examined. Most importantly, a systematic “story format” method of stopping the act has been provided. This format, I believe is what will differentiate this product from others that have provided solutions to the same problem.

I have used story telling most times in class when I was a math teacher to pass across a great concept to my students. I am sure you will love the short story and most importantly, the solutions it will provide to the problem.

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