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Denver, CO (PressExposure) July 12, 2009 -- Dressed in the common robe of "under cover", Cap and Trade became the next lie on the Obama trail. While the green goblins attempt to protect the planet, the tax to accomplish their extemporaneous goal will lie on the backs of hard working Americans. Vast new carbon revenues in the budget may actually explain how Obama plans to pay off the national debt, with deep pocket digging on the parts of independent business, personal taxes and those unruly and lame right wingers who haven't yet succumbed to the travesties of using ONLY public transportation. A constantly growing cap and trade tax will become cumbersome to the people who use energy.

What is Cap and Trade that makes Obama depend upon it and Congress promise it, long before the American people know about it? Cap and trade is specifically the right to emit carbon, a scarce new commodity - those limitational rights - government mandated and bought by businesses to eliminate non ownership "carbons" in the air. Although the businesses have to purchase the right to own it, all people would be forced to pay the additional costs passed to the consumer through cost of production, delivery and manufacture.

According to Peter Orszag, the budget director for the current administration, "Those price increases are essential to the working success of a cap-and-trade program." 95% of working families would be affected by this mass increase in cost of production, according to the numbers Mr. Obama mentions, although he's quick to add, there will be no-new-taxes without the added explanation "unless you use energy".

The key factor here is that those who use energy will be paying the bill. Specifically, those who live in homes that must be cooled in the summer or heated in the winter, or must drive to work, or drive children to school, will be footing the bill for the Cap and Trade program currently being presented to legislatures.

Typically, lower and middle class families spend a higher percentage of their incomes on driving to and from work, groceries, and heating their home. Due to this literal assessment of expenses, the greater share of the tax burden (percentage wise) will be paid by the lower and middle class families, a tragedy in this situation due to the outrageous costs of energy. For instance, a hike of 15% in emissions will cost the lower end families approximately 3.3% of after tax income. Middle income families will see a raise of 2.7% and the elite wealthy will pay less than 1.5% of their income in this new tax increase at similar levels of use.

Midwest , southern and plains states will catch the brunt of these costs, due to the use of fossil fuels in manufacturing and energy development. Liberal backers of cap and trade are located in the northeast or California . Inner states will suffer the most from the passing of cap and trade because their carbon footprint is larger by more than twelve times, the footprint of the average California native. Climate bears much of the cause of this higher rate of cost.

Cap and Trade is not a bill to help your ecological foot print, it's a bill designed raise capital for the government. There will be no clean air as a result of the cap and trade, other than those who MUST drive won't be able to afford the necessity of driving. They'll have to walk or find other means of transportation. The cost of this bill will not benefit anyone, and it's going to cost the people who can least afford it the most.

The cap and trade bill is nothing more than political fraud. Today, write your congressmen, write your senator, write letters to the editors, write to your elected officials and tell them to STOP this bill. Stopping the cap and trade bill is imperative to the survival of our country and our way of life.

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