Stop The Rock: Tenevis Shoes Stay Steady, Make Walking Effortless

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) March 03, 2011 -- In an industry full of imitators, Tenevis is an innovator. Defined as "soft and powerful" in Latin, Tenevis walking and fitness shoes encourage better posture, improve foot health and relieve back pain with their patented technology.

Founded in Korea in 2007 by YS Hwang, Tenevis has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to be used as an orthosis device. The Tenevis secret weapon is their patented balance bone and balance chip technologies. While other brands, like Skechers, use a rocker bottom to propel the foot forward, Tenevis focuses on providing a stable platform for the foot.

"We are not a rocker; we use very unique technology," said Tenevis President and COO David Corsi. "Rockers aren't good for torsional stability. Tenevis is a powerful shoe that offers a soft ride while providing you with a very stable platform for walking."

The balance bone is a steel shank that is integrated into the midsole and attached to a TPU plate. It extends from the heel to the midfoot and the TPU plate rests entirely under your foot. The system prevents your feet from swaying back and forth, while providing them with an accelerated energy, and maximizes muscle effort by allowing knees and ankles to move freely.

The balance chip absorbs shock in the heel, releasing tension as you walk and protecting knees, ankles and joints. This removable piece lasts as long as any polyurethane foam on the market today, and each pair of Tenevis shoes comes with two chips: a soft option and a firm one.

"Based on the surface you're on, you can easily change the chip and decide what's best for you," Corsi continued. "For example, you'd wear the softer chip on concrete, because it'll provide a softer ride on the hard surface. If you're walking on sand or on a trail, you'd use the firmer chip for more stability."

In addition to being FDA-approved, the Tenevis technologies were tested at the Calgary Institute of Kinesiology in Canada to verify their health benefits. During the study, researchers rated the cushioning 127.5 percent higher than an average walking shoe. They also found that these heel-cushioning elements lower the impact of each step on contact, thus reducing stress on ankles, knees and hip joints by 30 to 40 percent. (The complete study is posted on

The proven technology isn't the only reason Tenevis is a leader in corrective and technical footwear. In addition to being stylish, the shoes were also designed especially for the female athletic walker.

"Women are looking for a walking-specific shoe, not a running shoe to walk in. But they don't just want performance, they want something that looks appealing too," said Dan McCarthy, Tenevis designer and principal. "Our shoe provides more stability and better shock absorption than our competition, and our aesthetics make the shoes really easy to wear."

Tenevis shoes are also slip-resistant and non-marking. They are great for people who are on their feet all day in their working environment. All-black and all-white leather styles cater to professionals in such industries as food service and health care.

The brand's two styles, La Jolla and Cardiff, retail from $90 to $160. They are available in 40 retailers nationwide, and Tenevis will debut a men's collection in April.

About Tenevis
Tenevis, which is defined as "soft and powerful" in Latin, began as an idea by YS Hwang, the President of the Boss Corporation in Pusan, Korea. Hwang, an experienced footwear veteran, challenged his staff to create an innovative technology that could be used on many different design platforms.

With this challenge in hand, his staff created the patented balance bone and chip technologies. A study by The Calgary Institute of Kinesiology proves that these technologies increase the cushioning of the shoe by 127.5 percent, reduces the load on your joints by 30 to 40 percent and decreases muscle fatigue. In addition to this study, Tenevis has also received FDA approval as an orthosis corrective shoe.

Tenevis shoes are sold nationwide in specialty and orthopedic footwear stores. More information is available at and [].

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