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St. Louis, MO (PressExposure) April 23, 2009 -- As consumers increasingly turn toward green products and lifestyles, they also want their retailers to adopt green business practices. A poll recently conducted by the Global Strategy Group shows that 87% of consumers are more likely to buy products from an environmentally friendly retailer.

"Not everyone can afford a complete revamp of their store and business practices in order to make their building and business meet green standards," said Matt Wohlstadter, President of Store Supply Warehouse. "By reusing resources that stores already have, they are in fact being green by not wasting materials. However, there are certain smaller things that stores can do in order to help cut down on their environmental impact.."

First, start recycling. From boxes, to packaging, to receipt paper, many retail organizations have a lot of unavoidable waste. Make recycling paper a standard practice in any store. Look up local recycling centers and find out if they will pick up paper. In some areas, local schools collect newspapers and other paper to make extra money.

Another way to help green your company is to replace light bulbs. Make sure to replace old bulbs with florescent bulbs as the old ones burn out. Florescent and LED bulbs use less electricity and last longer, reducing energy and waste.

When cleaning, invest in a couple of cloth towels instead of always using paper towels. At the end of the week, take them home and throw them into one of you usual loads to reduce the amount of paper that is being thrown away.

Even your bags can go green. Switch to eco friendly bags. These types of bags are more durable and reusable so that your customers can turn them into gift bags, lunch bags or more. Plus, they are made of 25-100% post consumer materials and are 100% recyclable. Or, sell canvas bags that your customers can reuse.

No matter the change large or small, by incorporating green practices into your retail store, your customers will appreciate it and it will decrease your store's environmental footprint.

About Store Supply Warehouse

About Store Supply Warehouse
Store Supply Warehouse was founded in 1994 as a wholesaler of store fixtures and supplies to small, independent retailers. The company stocks and sells more than 1,600 retail fixtures and store supplies, including display cases, racks and shelving, shopping bags, hangers, pricing and tagging guns and mannequins. All products are in-stock in all three warehouses, located in Reno, Nevada, St. Louis, Missouri and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Store Supply’s products are available for purchase through the 80-page catalog, which is updated and distributed three times a year, or online at and all orders placed before 3 p.m. receive guaranteed same day shipping. The company’s main office is located at 9801 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 63132. Contact Store Supply directly at 800-823-8887 or by email at

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