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Boca Raton,, FL (PressExposure) January 31, 2012 -- A stroke is a major medical emergency involving the disruption in the brain's blood supply. Classified as a cerebral-vascular accident, a number of causes including a decrease in blood flow, blockage, or a hemorrhage can result in a stroke. It can lead to a rapid loss of brain functions which manifests itself as a sudden loss of cognitive abilities, motor control, and understanding or formulating speech. The main risk factors for stroke include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and smoking. Similarly, those who had a stroke before are more susceptible to another attack. Stroke can result in neurological damage, health complications and death.

People do not buy insurance hoping that they will have to use it. But in the present world, it is crazy not to have a policy. If a person has any of the risk factors for stroke, has had a stroke before or their family has a history of these neurological events, then there are a few things to be taken into consideration while getting a stroke insurance. One of the first things a person should check is the coverage for hospital stays because that is the first place anyone will go when they suffer a stroke. Without adequate health insurance, patients can easily be bankrupted by the medical bills associated with the cost of treating them in a hospital. Similarly if the stroke was severe, the patient may need in-home care for awhile. Having a policy that pays for home visits from a health care professional can save a lot of money as well.

With years of experience in the field, First Preferred Healthcare offers stroke insurance plans with benefits that can truly count on to help in times of sickness. First Preferred Health Insurance is an organization with the primary purpose to bring healthcare to anyone who needs it. "Surviving a stroke or aneurysm shouldn't penalize you when you search for health insurance. You may know all too well the pain of being denied health insurance simply because you've had a stroke or aneurysm in the past. If you trip and break a leg, that alone could cost you thousands of dollars in hospitalization and surgery, and has nothing to do with a past stroke or aneurysm. Don't take this risk. Pre-existing conditions are no longer a reason to prevent you from having quality medical insurance." - explains the website of First Preferred Healthcare.

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First Preferred Healthcare specializes in ensuring insurance for those who have pre-existing conditions including insurance for cancer. The plans offered by this organization are affordable, benefit rich, and easy to apply.

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