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Ontario, Canada (PressExposure) October 18, 2011 -- A car is a complex piece of equipment. A car design and manufacturing company has several department each trying to do an exceptional job of delivering amazing quality and performance in their assigned department. And that is a great thing and leads on to the advancement of automobile technology. And yet this ability to excel creates some problems as well. Now you may wonder why should that be and that excellent work should only do good. So let me explain with an example.

If the department charged with making the car go faster, which is mostly the engine power delivery team's work, does an exceptional job then the other department charged with making the car stop quickly, which is the brakes department will have a higher speed to plan for. And if they are not able to come up with better brakes that can handle the higher speeds that would be a problem.

Similarly the team charged with making the ride smooth will allow parts of the car to react to a bump independently and will not let the whole car get shaken up. On the other hand the team charged with planning great handling for the car would prefer a stiffer suspension which makes the whole car react as a single unit. Since we can't have them both a choice has been made available. And those who want a stiffer suspension for better handling can get it by opting for strut bar. Strut bars connect suspension elements and make the suspension stiffer and make the car's handling better. They make it easy for you to have better handling if that is of greater importance to you.

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