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Telford, PA (PressExposure) November 10, 2009 -- Do you like to add special text graphic effects in your notepads? Of course, with all the things you can do when notepad printing these days, it is only natural to want to improve and become creative in incorporating text designs.

However, you must take note that most custom notepads out there need "subtle" text effects and not those very loud ones. Since they are still a medium for writing, it is important to make these effects help the content within them and not overpower them.

Therefore, for your benefit, here are a few tips on what subtle text-graphic effects you should try out.

• The faded text -The simplest and probably the easiest thing you can do is to use faded text. For example, you want your name, or your company's name in large format letters at the bottom. To make the effect a little subtler, you only need to "fade" the text a bit so that it is not so pronounced. You can do this easily by adjusting the opacity settings of that element in your designs. This makes the text layer more transparent adding that faded text effect.

• The transparent shadowed text - As an extended and improved version of the faded text above, you can also try what we call "transparent shadowed text". This involves making the text opacity value at zero percent while adding the shadow effect on your text within the design software you are using. This makes your text bodies itself transparent while their edges have shadows. This adds a nice and subtle effect that can be noticed but is not too loud for most.

• Simple character borders- Now, to add some simple embellishments on the actual text content of your notepad headers and footers, you might want to use the same character border strokes. Character "Stroke" effects basically add an area of space around a character with a certain color to establish a small border. This emphasizes that particular text quite a bit making it quite an effective design element for the headers and letterheads.

• Simple word glows - If you want a simple shine effect for a particular word, and then you should add some simple word "glows". This can easily be done using the blending options effect in applications such as Photoshop. Glow effects of course add rays of light that come from the edges of the words. This makes the text literally "shine" to get attention from readers in a simple way.

These are the subtle effects you should be gunning for when it comes to printing notepad text. These are not overly loud like most other effects, and can be quite respectable and effective when used I professional settings. Good luck!

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