Successful Copywriter, Sandi Krakowski, Shares Roots in the Soil of Real Life Experience as Her Education

Almont, MI (PressExposure) July 19, 2007 -- Sandi Krakowski is no stranger to online success. Operating a kitchenware store in the 90's that made big names like SurlaTable and wonder who on earth she was when she outpaced all national sales for kitchen mixers and grainmills, she learned early in her exposure with internet businesses that the small can compete with the big. "I'd show up at kitchen conventions and the big named store owners would be baffled when they'd meet a frumpy stay at home Mom who was opearting a hugely profitable business from her kitchen table, " Krakowski related in a recent interview on business ventures online. "I have sense gotten rid of the frumps and created a professional image ( she winks) but many are still shocked when they see a woman with no formal training ranking so high on the search engines in the fields I work in.

Turning the the home based business industry in 2004 was a real change of pace. "I had recovered from a serious life threatening illlness and didn't want the whole operating responsibilities of retail every again. Wanting desperately to make some income from home and yet still control the stress and management side I turned to Network Marketing as a way to do so," Krakowski commented at a recent interview with Home Business Magazine.

Earning her way to the top ranks in that field after initially failing created a no quit attitude that led to writing, encouraging and motivating others to overcome obstacles. "I sucked when I first started my Network Marketing business! It was so embarrassing, here I had been hugely successful in retail online and now I couldn't close one person after making 3,000 calls to leads that were looking for a home based business. It was sad. So I did what all professionals do, I hired a trainer. I went for the best in the world, Dani Johnson. Obviously it worked, I earned over $ 400,000 working with Dani. She knows her stuff and she pulls things out of you that you never dreamed possible. Because of Dani I now am confident you could drop me out of a plane anywhere in the world and I could create a business"

Taking the success of Network Marketing, the strategies she learned in operating a hugely profitable online retail venue, the motivation she still writes for daily in several online and offline publications, Sandi is now working as a Copywriting and Marketing Specialist.

"I write copy that sells. If I write something that can help an average business owner become above average, that is my goal. Taking a no-name home business owner to over 400 unique click thrus to his lead capture in under 2 weeks showed me I had done something right the first time I stepped out into this field. Watching publicity shots and increased orders come in for a travel agent showed me I knew how to do PR. Now I am marketing to businesses of various degrees: Real Estate, Health and Wellness Start Up's and Corporations, Travel Companies, Small Business Owners, you name it, " Sandi shared at a recent writer's forum. "It's amazing what exposure into various markets can bring with you to the table in writing. A clearer perspective and wider reach to say the least."

Sandi Krakowski is working freelance currently, has several regular clients she handles press and exposure for and still writes motivational material inspiring others along the way. She is also working on an upcoming book. Overcoming disease, debt, learning to write and market, losing 80 pounds in a personal goal to get back in shape have made her relatable to many.

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