Summit Self-defense Launches its New Website Promoting Israeli Self Defense in Albuquerque New Mexico and Austin Texas

Austin, TX (PressExposure) February 11, 2009 -- Summit self-defense has launched its website dedicated to promoting the Israeli self-defense method, HaganaH. Summit self-defense operates two schools and offers professionally developed DVD's that cover the Haganah FIGHT system (hand-to-hand), Israeli Combat Shooting, Ground Survival and Israeli Tactical Knife. These DVD's will be for sale throughout the website store and enhance the student's ability.

Students will learn Israeli martial arts easily through Haganah, get into the best spape of their lives and fell more safe and secure.

You don't have to have previous martial arts experience to start Haganah. People at any fitness level or age can start and improve their individual fitness level. This is an adult system and there are no uniforms or belts. There is no ego in Haganah and you will learn effective self-defense on the first day of class that you can use forever.

Summit self-defense teaches HaganaH FIGHT, the evolution of all Israeli martial arts. This reality-based system is designed to teach effective self-defense in a short time. HaganaH is battle tested by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and continually updated making it the most improved system available today. You will learn HaganaH quickly.

Size does not matter. This system is equally effective for women and men. Techniques are designed to minimize your effort, enabling you to work effectively even when you are at a size, strength or position disadvantage. We teach you to exploit others weak points and react instinctively.

HaganaH is not a scenario-based system, per se. It focuses on achieving certain common objectives in virtually all scenarios, thereby making it easier to learn and more immediately effective than many systems. We do not use a belt system where it can take years to learn the most effective advanced material. The most effective learning starts on the first day of class Summit self defense decided to make the DVD's available internationally so that it could reach many more people who wanted to study the most effective self-defense methods in the world but couldn't commute to the school locations.

Haganah's founder Mike Lee Kanarek created the system and provides all instructor certifications, which Summit's primary instructors Robb Hamic and Matt Knaub have received. They both recently attended the 2009 HaganaH training Conference in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and have updated the HaganaH system that they teach through 2010.

Those people interested in the HaganaH FIGHT, Israeli Combat Shooting, Israeli Tactical Knife or Ground Survival videos should visit the website: Orders can be placed immediately and will be shipped in a timely manner.

Summit self-defense also provides instruction on other self-defense related topics for the public, law enforcement and military personnel. Courses include:

Concealed handgun licensing Personal protection Women's self-defense Handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, assault rifle certification and training Tactical shooting instruction and training Taser certification for both the general public and law enforcement/ military Combat wrestling OC spray certification for both the general public and law enforcement/ military Various law enforcement/ military defensive weapons certifications

Robb Hamic is an expert trainer and a recognized expert in the field of use of force. He is a published author and writes training columns for International Law Enforcement Training magazines, gives seminars throughout the United States and he continually advances his training credentials. He provides easy to learn training to individuals, business people, law enforcement officers, military personnel, house wives, man and women of all adult ages ages and fitness levels. Robb provides classes at country clubs, spas and health clubs in the Greater Austin area.

Mattt Knaub is an expert trainer and a successful professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. Matt brings his real world knowledge of fighting to the classroom. He is a certified trainer for the HaganaH FIGHT program, Jujitsu, Muay Thi, boxing, kick boxing and other martial arts. Matt provides instruction for individuals, law enforcement and military personnel. Matt provides normal classes at our Albuquerque school but also provides on-site training at health clubs, country clubs, home owner associations, apartments, businesses and seminars.

The Summit self-defense Albuquerque School is housed in a professional office park and features a lot of space to train, mats, bags, audio visual facilities and classrooms. Firearms range training is completed at indoor and outdoor locations close to the school. Training is now being offered to satellite locations such as health clubs, country clubs, associations and other organizations. Private lessons and seminars are also available.

The Summit self-defense Austin School provides self-defense training at a number of satellite locations throughout the community making Israeli self-defense more widely available. Summit self-defense's students enjoy training with their friends and neighbors at locations that are convenient to them. Many people who want to learn martial arts are hesitant to come to a school or gym. It can be intimidating. Summit self-defense wanted to develop full scale operations at multiple locations offering all of its services. Private lessons, group lessons and seminars are also available.

Summit self-defense is also available for seminars to law enforcement or military groups throughout the United States and can customize the curriculum to fit each agencies' need. This training is great for enhancement of individual skills, continuing education, special weapons training or basic law enforcement training.

Summit self-defense is available for large corporate seminars within the United States. Our self-defense training can be customized to a company's particular needs and delivered in different formats for great skill enhancement, reduction in employer liability, workplace violence prevention, team building and other uses.

About Summit self-defense

Persons of organizations interested in seminars should contact Robb Hamic directly 877-707-4300 (toll-free) or by e-mail:

Individuals interested in local training in Austin Texas or Albuquerque New Mexico should contact our schools directly:

Austin School
2900 N. Quinlan Park Rd
Suite 131- B-240
Austin, TX 78732
512-234-0767 (mobile)

Albuquerque School
2825 E Broadbent Parkway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
505-306-1759 (mobile)

People or organizations can also visit any one of our other websites:

Robb Hamic
Summit self-defense
2900 N. Quinlan Park Rd
Suite 131- B-240
Austin, TX 78732

Summit self-defense is also available for seminars to law enforcement or military groups throughout the United States and can customize the curriculum to fit each agencies' need.

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