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Kilmarnock, Scotland United Kingdom (PressExposure) April 03, 2011 -- Eikon Bible Art delivers once again with a suite of new products that delve into the life of Joseph in order to deliver poignant, incisive lessons. The new products are characteristically Eikon, in that the material is at once engaging and breathtaking, with its larger than life art and captivating story telling that makes it smooth and easy for instructors to convey the meaning of God's words to children and adult learners alike. Sunday school lessons have never been easier to absorb and comprehend, and Eikon's new suite of products is poised to deliver the message of the Lord in a fun and entertaining package of Bible stories to legions of learners the world over.

The biblical character Joseph easily comes off as sympathetic to practically any reader in that the poor guy is betrayed time and again even by his own brothers who sell him into slavery then lie to their father about the event. In Joseph is sold into slavery, the Bible teaches that we reap what we sow - recall that Jacob used a goat to deceive his own father many years earlier - now his sons have used a goat to deceive him. Sad but true and a modern parallel to this is the notion that what comes around, goes around. In this cruel and ironic twist, everyone suffers from act perpetrated by the brothers, as they bear the heavy burden of guilt, the father mourns for a son whom he believes is dead and not least of all, Joseph loses his freedom as he is sold into slavery. The vicious cycle has claimed its victims but Joseph, through God's love, will persevere and triumph despite all odds.

In Joseph is sold into slavery, we find Joseph becoming the property of Potiphar. Immediately Joseph's world is turned upside down as this young man from a modest town is taken to Egypt with its burgeoning society and what must seem to Joseph as its strange Godless practice, or rather its multi deity culture. Not long after Potiphar takes Joseph home does his sultry wife attempt a Mrs. Robinson seductress routine on Joseph, but he stays the course and refuses her advances. Despite Joseph's exceptional services, Potiphar has him thrown in jail when his frustrated wife concocts a story that Joseph tried to impose his urges on her. With God as his guide and inspiration, Joseph kept it together, and managed to continue his virtuous ways. Temptation and morality, front and center in the lives of children today given the peer pressure enabled by technology that enables instantaneous communication with thousands of peers in a never-ending social network, is addressed in a powerful way in Joseph and Potiphar's Wife.

Joseph ends up in prison as we see in the story Joseph in prison. Children will learn that the conduct and behavior of someone who loves God should show a dignity and contentment that is obvious to others, and this idea is explored in Joseph in Prison. For the love of God defines the totality of oneself, it should come as no surprise that those who love God exhibit a life of order and peace in a dignified, content manner. Joseph's unwavering beliefs ultimately leads him to the graces of the pharaoh, and in the pharaoh's dream, Eikon takes the student into a journey that may at first seem otherworldly and chaotic, but ultimately proves that God is always in control, and Joseph emerges from prison to save Egypt.

Finally, Big Red continues to make a splash as a special. Unmistakable bright red cover, all new modern images, especially created for children aged 6 to 12. A great resource that is engaging, one that kids will actually use.

"Like many Biblical personalities, Joseph's life was full of teaching moments, and for the month of March, we focus on several key moments in Joseph's life and extract teaching points that resonate profoundly to not only the youth but also to the adults today. The parallels that one could draw from Joseph's experiences to today's modern society are uncanny," notes Alan Lockhart of Eikon Bible Art.

Eikon Bible Art provides high quality and fundamentally sound Sunday school lessons for teachers and youth leaders who are engaged in preparing and presenting Bible lessons for children.

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Eikon Bible Art provides high quality and fundamentally sound Sunday school lessons for teachers and youth leaders who are engaged in preparing and presenting Bible lessons for children.

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