Sunny Sleevez Provide Instant and Fun Protection from the Summer Sun for Children and Babies

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) July 10, 2009 -- These California-born skin protectors are proving to be quite fun and fashionable to wear for all ages. They beat the summer sun without toxic, messy chemicals, in addition to providing outstanding skin protection that will never wear off. With fashion and overall health at the forefront, Sunny Sleevez is also playing their part in the "Go Green" movement by reducing the use of sunscreen which can be harmful in the ocean and fewer sunscreen bottles going to landfills. That's not to mention the fact that they come in a wide array of colorful, fresh designs that everyone loves!

Dashiel Stainthorp, Sunny Sleevez creator, states, "Sunny Sleevez slip on in the sun, and slip off when you're done!" She developed them specifically for children and babies because protecting their tender skin is so important. Unprotected exposure to the sun in the first 18 years of life more than doubles the chances of getting skin cancer as an adult. Parents are often recommended by pediatricians not to apply sunscreen to newborns within the first critical months of their lives. Further, 80% of all skin cancers can be attributed to UV ray damage to skin cells. She continues, "You can purchase your own pair of Sunny Sleevez and protect your children from damaging sun rays all summer long for approximately $17.99 each. That's a huge savings when you consider the cost of a season's supply of the traditional, chemical lotion sunscreens."

"I became very tired of constantly having to apply greasy, messy chemical sunblocks to my children. They rub it in their eyes and get it in their mouths. It gets all over everything - and it only lasts for a few hours before needing to be reapplied." She continues, "It's also very expensive. But until now, there was no alternative. Especially in climates like that of California, you absolutely have to protect your children's skin from the sun."

Sunscreens, when applied to the skin, take at least 20 minutes to become active. Additionally, most people do not apply enough to generate the level of protection that is listed on the bottles. Skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in the United States today. It takes only about 11 minutes of exposure to do irreparable damage to the skin cells. "I used my children and their friends for their brutal honesty when developing Sunny Sleevez. They are the ones that let me know exactly what was cool and what was not."

From dragons to butterflies and from hearts to flames, Sunny Sleevez designs capture the imagination of children and make them fun to wear. Dashiel concludes, "Everyone loves this chemical free approach to protecting their children. Sunny Sleevez is becoming a huge hit so quickly - and the children absolutely love them!"

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Sunny Sleevez are chemical free, fabric-based sun blockers that children and babies simply love to wear. They provide SPF50+ levels of protection from harmful ultraviolet rays in colorful, exciting style. Sunny Sleevez is a Los Angeles based company founded by Dashiel Stainthorp, a mother who was very concerned about the toxicity, messiness and repetitive expenses associated with chemical based sunscreens. Sunny Sleevez provides an entertaining and green solution that allows our young people to safely enjoy the great outdoors. To find out more about Sunny Sleevez please visit

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