Super Ring - Stronger than Steel, Harder than Titanium

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) July 15, 2009 -- There is something about tungsten that speaks of toughness and boldness. That is why, when it comes to rings, a lot of people turn to tungsten rings. With several qualities such as strength, durability, luster, polish, weight, and resistance to scratch, many see the real value of their money in purchasing rings made with this kind of metal. And with the marketing strategy used by jewellers, which is equating tungsten as the ring counterpart of Superman, more people are attracted to buy such products.

Men and women all over the world can enjoy the pleasure of wearing well crafted rings made of tungsten. They need not be in love to feel the difference of wearing a ring in their finger. There are several more advantages of purchasing tungsten rings over the other options available in the market. Rings made of tungsten are not that malleable that is why they will not bend out of shape. Also, many of those rings are hypoallergenic. There are those that have lifetime warranty against scratches and craftsmanship defects.

There is sure to be the perfect ring which will suit every taste and budget. Today, latest technology and innovative designs are incorporated to come up with an array of choices for tungsten rings.

Tungsten carbide rings offer a mix of flawless features. In industrial applications, tungsten carbide is known to be five times as hard as steel, and four times harder than titanium. That is why it is almost impossible to scratch. This has been known for over 40 years now. But now, makers of jewelleries push the limit further by using tungsten carbide to make visually appealing rings that can withstand the everyday wear and tear.

Another variety of tungsten rings is tungsten inlayed rings. With the purest materials combined with the toughness of tungsten, stylish rings are created using the most advanced inlayed bonding processes. 18k gold rings, sterling silver rings, and pure 950 platinum can be born out of the bonding process. Inlayed tungsten rings are very fashionable to wear.

If you opt for a ring that has the ultimate luster, then tungsten faceted rings are you. The brilliant reflection of light is due to the multi-cut design that faceted rings are known for. Rings which fall under this category will make the crowd notice you. Furthermore, they will be amazed by the broad spectrum of colors reflected by your ring and impressed by the durability and strength of it. Keep your look polished by flashing those brilliant luster tungsten faceted rings.

With the advent of manufacturers of rings in the market, be sure to choose wisely and buy smart. There are some brands that copy the appeal and look of quality rings. Be sure that you are purchasing a genuine ring made of tungsten by knowing the top quality manufacturers. Get your hard earned money’s worth. You will never go wrong with tungsten rings if you learn to trust only the makers who are dedicated to the art and craft of jewelry making.

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