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Fort Lauderdale, FL (PressExposure) January 01, 2010 -- Many provide unique features that may get lost in the discussion. Most commonly known for their use in indoor gardening applications,high pressure sodium bulbs and fixtures are worth considering in greater detail.

The most common type of sodium vapor lamp (gas discharge) is the high pressure sodium bulb and fixture combo. They typically emit a yellow light well suited to commercial applications. Due to its wavelength in the light spectrum this light doesn’t glare, making it particularly useful for parking lot lighting, streetlamps, flood lighting of buildings or garage, or illuminating an entire warehouse with only a few fixtures. Municipalities enjoy the cost savings of HPS lamps for lighting roadways because it is by far the most efficient light source when compared to mercury vapor and metal halide lamps.

When these lamps are first turned on they emit a red light to warm the sodium metal, which transitions to the familiar bright yellow within a few minutes as the sodium metal vaporizes. High pressure sodium lamps produce light that makes it much easier to distinguish objects in as opposed to low pressure lights. These lamps are extremely useful in areas where a large space must be illuminated but good color rendering is still important. The White SON is a type of HPS lamp which, operating at a higher pressure, produce light closer to that of incandescent bulbs. Primarily used for restaurant applications they are useful for creating a particular atmosphere within a large space. However, White SONs are only good for specialty applications because users lose much of the energy and efficiency savings of regular HPS lamps.

High pressure sodium lamps and bulbs are a favorite of indoor growers and gardeners because they emit a wide color temperature spectrum which is loved by plants. Another plus is the relatively efficient cost of running the lights. The average high pressure sodium lamp outputs 100 lm/W, an impressive number.

In summary, high pressure sodium bulbs and fixtures are useful in application where a large amount of light is needed at a low-cost. Generally this includes street, lot, and warehouse lighting. As always, a lighting expert should be consulted with before making any large bulb or fixture purchase.

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