Surefire Lower Abdominal Training To Achieve A Flat Stomach

Mt. Pleasant, SC (PressExposure) May 06, 2008 -- Have you ever wondered why your routine of abdominal exercises are not working?

Have you ever thought that scapular training can affect your abs?

This article will explain how scapular training can give you a flatter tummy.

I have been a player in the fitness industry for 14 years and have logged more than 20,000 hours of fitness training, neuromuscular therapy and bootcamp instruction. I guess this qualifies me to discuss the lack of accurate information that exists about the topic of lower abdominal training.

Let's start with a little anatomy and physiology.

There are no lower abs. When one refers to the group of muscles that lie at the base of the abdomen, what they are really describing is the lower fibers of rectus abdominus. These fibers aid in the ability to tilt the pelvis toward a posterior position.

This tilting reflex is referred to as "pelvic tilt" Why is pelvic tilt important? A posterior pelvic tilt ensures a flatter tummy and the proper firing of the diaphragmatic muscles of the transverse abdominals. These muscles help to draw the contents of the belly up and in toward the diaphragm.

This gives one a nice flat stomach.

Women who have experienced child birth and those who lead sedentary lives must learn to reactivate these muscles if they ever hope to have a flat stomach in the future. People who suffer from back pain will also find fast relief upon proper abdominal activation.

So how do we really activate the pelvic tilt muscles and properly condition the core? I will start by offering a little known secret.

One out of a thousand personal trainers actually understands what really causes the engagement of these fibers. When I tell you that the protraction of the scapulas and latissimus dorsi tension will send an undeniable signal to the body to tilt the pelvis, you may not believe me.

Let's start by first understanding the role of scapular control and how that effects core strength which in turn achieves lower abdominal strenth and a flat stomach.

The scapulas move in basically four directions.

These four movements affect how our spine and abs will be recruited during movement.

Check out this video for more on scapular conditioning and core strength.


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