Sweet Ideas for Your Postcard Design

Los Angeles, LA (PressExposure) April 25, 2008 -- Chocolates, anyone? Whatever your business is, at one point or another, you will benefit from giving away chocolates. This is also a nice element that can be included on postcard design. So break away from the elements that you've often used. It's time to give way for this sweet treat.


If you'd like to market your products through postcards, the design should be your first consideration. The recipients of the cards will judge them based on that. Only when they got curious with the design will they ever care to read what's in it.

With chocolates in mind, you can be as creative as you can be.

• Design the postcard to appear like it's a chocolate bar. Make sure that the color looks as real as possible.

• You can also have a variation in sizes with your chocolates. You can also make it appear as if it has a bite.

• If you don't like the usual brown color, you can also apply other colors. You just have to make sure that whatever you use, it will look so delicious. It will appear so enticing enough to taste. Your goal is to make them crave for the chocolates that you are giving away.

Creative Ideas

This idea applies on a wide range of business. Everybody loves chocolates. And everybody would love it better if they are free.

So give the chocolates as freebies. Collaborate it with your postcard design. Aim for the sweet tooth of your target market to get them acting towards your way.

You can also partner with a company who manufactures chocolates to lessen the advertising costs. Both of you can gain from the promo. Both products will be marketed through the postcards.

1. If you own a flower shop, then chocolates will be a good gift to give out. You can have a promo like if they buy a certain amount of flowers from you, you'll send out the chocolates along with the flowers for free. You'll be doing the client a great favor. And you will also be giving whoever will get the flowers a much greater favor.

2. If you own a toy store, this can also be a good way to attract kids to come to your place. Your aim is for them to come to the store to get the freebies. Once there, you can apply your best customer service skills for them to check out your products and indulge them to buy.

3. What if your business deals with female accessories? Chocolates will still be helpful in gaining clients in this situation. Females can be a prime target for such element. As much as they love eating chocolates, they also like getting those for free.

Whatever your business is, you can gain something from chocolates. Use such tasty treat once in a while as a giveaway. People love freebies and they definitely love chocolates.

So if you are running out of creative ideas, look at your own desk and indulge on your favorite chocolates. By savoring its every bite, hopefully, you will get an inspiration or two. Get that sweet inspiration on print. Use it on your postcard design and give those away as freebies.

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