Swine Flu Panic or Pandemic, People Should Still Be Prepared

Austin, Texas (PressExposure) May 04, 2009 -- With the Center for Disease Control warning of impending Swine flu deaths in the United States over the next several weeks, California declaring a state of emergency due to recent deaths in the Los Angeles area, President Obama requesting 1.5 billion to enhance capability for disease response and treatment, and Mexico batting down the hatches for a prolonged fight with the bug, average people are becoming increasingly worried about what they should do to prepare for a potential life-threatening pandemic.

"The possibility of a swine flu pandemic, or the outbreak of any infectious disease process, is really not that different from any other threat that we regularly face in life, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, infrastructure disruptions and the like. Simply put, people should be prepared with emergency supplies and survival equipment to weather the storm in the safety of their own home," notes SurvivalOutpost.com co-owner Kevin Baum.

" In fact, there is really no excuse for not being prepared for a potential pandemic, since they give you so much lead time to be prepared and take precautions; indeed, the flu is all the media is talking about right now so you can't claim that you weren't forewarned," says Kevin.

In addition to the basics of personal hygiene and prevention, such as respiratory protection, regular anti-bacterial hand washing, and avoiding crowded places, SurvivalOutpost.com advises that individuals, families and businesses take reasonable precautions to store necessary emergency supplies at home in the rare, but possible, event that the bug becomes so widespread people will want to self-quarantine. Such supplies include nonperishable food storage, hygiene and first aid supplies, and basic survival equipment.

"If you study history, you learn very quickly that pre-industrial societies were much better prepared, at least psychologically, to respond to a massive disease outbreak. They knew it was simply a matter of time before one would hit, and when it did they knew what to do - get out of town if possible, and if not, self-quarantine. Today, people aren't prepared to do either."

Running to the grocery store or ordering products from SurvivalOutpost.com when there is a line out the emergency room door with infected patients is not the time to take steps to be prepared for a major emergency. A pandemic is no different from any other hazard, and it is one that reasonable people can be prepared for.

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