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Valencia, CA (PressExposure) July 13, 2009 -- While having lived in Germany for a few years I was fortune to have a lot of opportunities to visit the gorgeous Swiss countryside and dove into the inspiring culture of the very talented Swiss people. One of the most well-known of their talents is their ability to cook palatable cuisines - which are highly desirable in many top restaurants around the world. For a ski trip one year my parents, sister and I briefly stayed in a this really cute quaint mountain village near the Klein Matterhorn in a family own and operated bed and breakfast. They made us this amazing Black Forest Cake from scratch that I will never forget. Recently I have been feeling nostalgic and looking for a Black Forest Cake to satisfy my craving. To my lack of surprise, I could not find any cakes that looked appetizing anywhere around town. Instead of settling for a dry, mediocre cake, I decided I was going to have to bake my own. So I went online and did some searching for an authentic Black Forest Cake recipe.

While browsing the internet for the perfect recipe I happened to stumble upon The Swiss Taste by Evelyn Cox Eymann. I am so glad that I did! Not only was her Black Forest Cake recipe to die for, but there were so many enticing recipes in her cookbook that I just had to try them all. Once I started cooking with her authentic Swiss recipes I was instantly hooked. Everything turned out fantastic. I definitely was not disappointed. I have never been much of a cook - my husband is usually the chef in the family - but these recipes were actually very easy to follow. If I can follow Evelyn's classic Swiss recipes and have the dishes turn out phenomenal, then I am positive that anyone can. There were a couple advanced level recipes, but that's where my husband came in. The recipes were not very difficult to do, they just took a little more time and care to complete. Now that I've introduced my husband to this cookbook, I have to fight him for it. The dishes are enjoyable to make and very satisfying to accomplish... not to mention delicious!

After having read The Swiss Taste cookbook's introduction page I saw that the author, Evelyn Cox Eymann, is originally from Switzerland, which made complete sense. Her recipes looked like they had come straight from the beautiful country of the Swiss, deep rooted with family recipe secrets having been passed on from generation to generation. Everything tasted so vibrant and full of flavor. From the first bite, to the last crumb, it felt like I was back in Switzerland surrounded by the cascading landscapes and magnificent culture.

I had a company picnic coming up and decided to crack open the cookbook once again. For the picnic I whipped up several batches of the Mozzarella Tomato Picks and a couple Carrot Cakes. They were a huge hit! I had maybe one of the Mozzarella Tomato Picks and was lucky enough to snag one when I first set them out on the table. I left the table for a few minutes to socialize and came back to an empty plate. I guess I should have made more! As for the Carrot Cakes, everyone was asking for the recipe the next day at work. I almost wanted to tell them it was a secret. The Carrot Cakes were so tender and moist. The frosting from Evelyn's Carrot Cake recipe was so creamy and delicious that I had trouble trying to keep from eating all of it before glazing it on top of the cake.

Since the Mozzarella Tomato Picks and Carrot Cakes were such a great success I decided that I was going to make more dishes from The Swiss Taste cookbook. Later that week for dinner I made the Marinated Zucchini as a side dish and the Monster Zin burgers as a main course. The Aceto Balsamico in the Marinated Zucchini sent me over the moon - I almost did not make it to the main course. The Monster Zin burgers were a very pleasant surprise. At first I wasn't so sure about putting in the cranberries that were listed as an ingredient on the recipe, but figured they were added for a reason and put them in anyway. The cranberries mixed with the Red Zinfandel, red peppers, basil, sun-dried tomatoes and lime zest were extraordinary, I never would have thought of it myself. I'm relieved I didn't veer away from the original recipe or try to modify it myself.

Every other week the girls in my crafting club get together at one of our houses to share crafting secrets and snack on some homemade goodies. Since we craft handmade items, we found it only necessary to bring homemade dishes to our group gatherings. I actually went out and bought a little fondue set to make the Cheese Fondue for them based on Evelyn's recipe in her Swiss cookbook. The girls loved it! Most of them had never tried cheese fondue before. They had a blast dipping the bread cubes into the molten hot Emmental and Gruyere cheeses. We had so much fun that we decided to make it a chocolate and cheese kind of night. After devouring the cheese fondue - some of the girls even scrapped the bottom of the pot clean - we used the dessert recipe for Coffee Dream from Evelyn's cookbook. Oh my goodness, the Godiva chocolate liqueur we used in the Coffee Dream was the perfect finish to a fun night of hanging out with the girls and creating handmade gifts for family and friends.

I would definitely recommend Evelyn's The Swiss Taste cookbook of authentic Swiss recipes to anyone who loves the flavors of the Old World or just a really satisfying meal. She covers appetizers, main dishes, desserts and beverages that will make your taste buds jump for joy. The best part is the dishes are not very difficult to put together. This cookbook shows how passionate about Evelyn truly is about authentic Swiss cuisine.

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