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Sydney, Nsw Australia (PressExposure) February 19, 2011 -- Dan Clay is a popular weight loss expert and owner of the personal fitness training program Dangerously Fit. He has been helping fitness enthusiasts achieve the ultimate results in health for the past nine years. His fitness program is based on scientific research and promises quick results in weight loss and body toning. Visit to know how Dan and his team of qualified instructors can help reach your goals. Dan shares some general insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how his boot camp Cronulla can help doing just that through this article.

One of the key benefits of joining his Boot Camp Cronulla, Clay says, is the motivation participants get to break their bad habits. Instructors here motivate participants to start taking responsibility for their bad habits and give them up, says Dan. Habits do affect one's health. People that smoke or consume tobacco in other ways, risk heart diseases and cancers of the mouth, throat and lung. Excessive alcohol intake can make the liver dysfunctional and can even lead to cancers of the liver and throat. Excessive alcohol triggering vehicle accidents, suicides and even murders are also not unknown.

Losing weight if you are overweight, eating right and staying physically active are important for leading a healthy lifestyle, says Clay. With regular exercise, an individual can control his weight, feel great and reduce the risk of many diseases as well. Exercising 40 to 60 minutes four to six times a week is ideal, he says.

Highlighting the exercise style of his boot camp Cronulla in this context, Clay says the program combines high-intensity cardio and strength training workouts. Dumbbells, kettlebells, Olympic rings, sandbags, medicine balls and body weight are employed for resistance training. Cardio workout equipment includes sprints, circuits and hill/stair training. With boot camp Cronulla workouts, participants lose weight and gain strength and fitness, promises Clay.

Briefing on the exercise regimen at boot camp Cronulla, Dan says his program is not a military style boot camp where instructors shout and yell at people to motivate. Instead, a fun environment is created where participants can enjoy their workouts and get motivated to increase their performance consistently. In order to keep participants constantly engaged, boot camp Cronulla exercises are varied, which relieves participants from the boredom of routine. Exercises are also carried out outdoors, in a beach or park, and the pleasant atmosphere adds to the fun of exercising. There are nutritional experts that prepare a customized easy-to-follow diet plan for participants.

About Dangerously Fit

If a participant attends at least three classes in a week and adheres to the nutrition plan strictly, he can lose one kilogram of body fat per week, assures Clay. Interested people can test drive the boot camp Cronulla for just $l. Visit for further information.

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