Sydney's Top Weight Loss Expert Launches Fitness Program at Cronulla

Sydney, Nsw Australia (PressExposure) February 23, 2011 -- Dan Clay is the owner of Dangerously Fit, a fitness program based on years of scientific research. The program uses tested techniques to enable rapid fat loss and muscle toning. Dangerously Fit features a variety of workouts, helps motivate people to leave their bad habits and provides a long-term fitness solution, says the personal trainer Cronulla. Moreover, participants derive all these benefits and much more for a fraction of cost they pay gyms, adds the personal trainer Cronulla. For more information on Dangerously Fit and Dan Clay, visit

Talking about following a fit lifestyle on the occasion, the personal trainer Cronulla pointed out the need for promoting fitness at a very young age, for it is only healthy children that grow into healthy adults. The percentage of kids and teens that are obese has increased more than twice in the past three decades, says Dan. Kids today are spending more time with their computers and television than getting involved in physical activities, which only makes them "inactive, unmotivated and unhealthy," he says. Physical activities keep the body as well as the mind strong and active.

It is important that kids spend a minimum of 60 minutes every day toward physical activities. Parents can encourage their kids to be physically active by being so themselves and including activities that require the kid to flex his muscles. If the kid's school is nearby, have her walk or bike to school. Parents should make time and walk, run or indulge in any activity such as playing basketball, tennis or any other physical game that the kid is interested in to encourage him. A task as simple as walking around the house yard or exploring a park nearby is enough to keep kids away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Kids are naturally averse to any exercise as they find the workouts boring. Since for most exercises are synonymous with a gym, working out in closed indoors amidst sweat and odor can discourage many a children from exercising. Kids want their exercise to be fun and energizing, says the personal trainer Cronulla. The more fun, the more interested in doing the exercise and the more fit they will be. Children that exercise regularly are happier and grow with a positive outlook toward life.

Dangerously Fit fitness program is tailored to meet all these requirements, says Dan. The program is fun, safe and provides numerous health benefits, including enhanced metabolism, stronger bones and muscles and a leaner body, says the personal trainer Cronulla.

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