TBI Education for Army Commences

Fresno, CA (PressExposure) August 10, 2007 -- The United States Army had launched an education program that focuses on teaching a target of 1 million soldiers on traumatic brain injury or TBI. The education program is geared towards attaining a level of awareness on the symptoms of brain injuries and the PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to earlier statements by the federal and state governments, TBI and PTSDA are the two foremost signatures of the war on Iraq. Aside from education, the program also endeavors to encourage the troops to avail of appropriate treatment for TBI and PTSDA and ultimately, help in erasing the negative stigma brought about by doing such. Officials of the Army declared this on Tuesday.

Los Angeles, California, July 20, 2007 - The Army's program on TBI education commences before the end of July. Its goal is to sufficiently educate and train the Army inside of 90 days. This program will be carried out regardless of whether the soldiers are in the country or overseas. Aside from the active military, the program also includes the Army Reserves and even the Army National Guard.

Inclusive in the program, everyone must receive a briefing for an hour, regarding brain injuries or TBI, and stress disorders. Their teachers will be adequately equipped with educational videos, presentation slides and a list of the expected questions that would likely be addressed and the appropriate answers for them. The series of education sessions is going to be conducted using a rarely used method of teaching, the "chain teach" program. This works by teaching the leaders, who will then teach what they have learned to the soldiers and continue down based from the Army's "chain of command".

In order to keep track of the injured and wounded soldiers from the Iraq war, a conflict that has gone far longer than projected, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Army has promulgated various programs geared towards education and treatment of those who have survived. This is especially needed since there is an overwhelming rise in the number of patients from the war. The TBI and PTSDA awareness and education program is one of them.

The top killer and tormentor of the U.S. Army soldiers deployed in the Iraq battlefields are the insurgent tactics of implanting roadside bombs. This tactic is specifically liable for the brain injuries incurred by many. It would range from mild concussions up to serious brain traumas also massively affecting the nervous system.

Additionally, the combat exposure and long, repeated tours is also the primary reason for increased stress and mental health illnesses being acquired by the soldiers.

According to the Army officials, almost 20% of he troops are expected to return from Iraq and Afghanistan wars with brain injuries and symptoms of stress disorders. Thus, it is very important to propagate the education program and consequently, the medical treatment for those who have symptoms.

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